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  1. I believe gold is worth alot more than cash !! Ice
  2. I use an Alps printer to print the gold.Clear,waterslide decal paper. Players Navy Cut or the flag of England are included. Iceman
  3. If anyone is interested,I have made the Gold Leaf Team Lotus decals for the Graham Hill car. Iceman email : jicemanmac@msn.com
  4. Thank you for the kind words. Yes Dave,Tamiya Clear TS13. Dave,I hope all is well,and that you are still racing and painting slotcars. John
  5. I painted and made the decals for the car, for a friend of mine. The Alps printer does a nice job on the gold stripe. Iceman
  6. Yes it is. If memory serves,I made a front lower valance out of styrene,putty,paint,to help hide the chassis. No magnet,I like how the car and other Scalextric Trans Am's run. Iceman
  7. The car started out as a Slot.It F40 road car. Here is the Slot.It F40 white car. I believe the side windows attach to the door panel,but I am a little confused,as the picture appears to show the side window in the car,not attached to the door panel. When I disassembled the Slot.It road car,all I know is the side windows were the hardest part of any slot car I have tried to disassemble. I have posted a few pictures here on this forum. I use Corel Draw 12 to do the art work,and an Alps printer to print the decals. I live in the Seattle,Washington,USA area,and a number of years ago now,my friends and I had the pleasure of having a visit from one of your local forum members,Devious Dave !!! We took Dave to Vancouver,BC.to race on Luf's wood tracks,and we all had a great time. I have admired Dave's work on his slotcars for a long time. All for now, John " Iceman " MacKenzie
  8. The car started out as the road car,and I was not aware that the side windows were part of the body.I cut the side windows out,ruining them. I used clear plastic sheeting for the new side windows and I used resin mirrors to replace the original mirrors that attach to the original side windows. Iceman
  9. Started out as a white body.Wetsanded,primed,painted white,then painted green,and finally painted orange. MCW lacquers through my Aztek airbrush. Iceman
  10. I did this livery in 2005.I gave it another go. Iceman
  11. We have been racing CanAm cars at my home on my Scalextric Classic track. The cars are on Fly Classic chassis with their magnet and have been alot of fun to drive. Iceman pictures of my track . Also a big thank you for Magnet Marshal's Steven Cobb for designing and building my track !!! the cars PeteN95's Shadow Doug's Chaparral 2H Jasonator's McLaren M8D Iceman's Ferrari 712S comments from PeteN95 Nice pics, Iceman, and it has been fun racing. A couple more details, these are Hasagawa plastic model kits in about 1/28-30 scale mounted on various Fly classic chassis with IG rear tires. The two stock Fly cars in back are running stock tires, which makes them all pretty equal in speed. They are not perfect models, the 2H has the fans in back from the 2J and my Shadow needs a 1/24 scale driver and larger tires/wheels to look right, but they were fun to build and fun and fun to race. Iceman's Scaley classic track is also fun to race on. It has great "flow" and the big sweeper near the Ferrari transporter is a great challenge. It's made from R4 curves with short straights between each curve, to make an R5+ curve. The two large 90 degree turns use SCX R4 track, for a little more grip on the outer two lanes and the first turn after the start is banked.
  12. here is mine that I did a little while ago. Iceman
  13. shodan, I started out by soaking the 2 bodies in 99% isopropyl alcohol ( tip I discovered on the slotcar forums ) for 2 days. The alcohol and 2400 grit sandpaper,removed the tampo printing. I then used Tamiya Light Gray Fine primer,wetsanded,then used Tamiya White Fine primer,then wetsanded. Then painted the light blue.I have found with the MCW lacquers with my Aztek airbrush dries real quick,so I have my airbrush approximately 3" from the body,and paint the entire car. I wetsanded then applied Tamiya Cleat TS-13 between the blue and orange coats,wetsanded,clearcoat,apply decals,clearcoat. Ice
  14. The title should be Iceman's Aston Martin Gulfs.Sorry for the spelling error. Iceman
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