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  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. Always always willing to lend a hand. Rip
  2. Mohawkk

    Season One

    Hi everybody!!!! I'm new here, when do you race and what classes do you race?
  3. Bloody hell, I can't make this round... Work xmas party.
  4. What's the date for your round Craig?
  5. won't make it. taking the kids to the speedway
  6. I won't make the rally... 72% chance for the night
  7. Mohawkk

    S2 - R4

    I won't make it this weekend
  8. Have a great day Charlie
  9. Mohawkk

    S2 - R2

    It seems as if I'll miss this one.... Have fun Gents.... and Gary
  10. Can't make this weekend. Have fun
  11. Mohawkk

    Round 6 Pauls

    Thanks Paul, was good to finally get back to racing Awesome track mate
  12. I could possibly make it
  13. I may be there, I may not be. depending on weather.
  14. He's not wrong. Dont get me wrong I do like to watch the V8's but there is something about watching a car that starts its life as a production car, for public consumption, then tuned to be a race car that doesnt sit well with me. I would rather watch single seat racing, anything from speedway to track racing, and everytime I do go to watch, I am reminded that grass roots motorsport has barely a pulse......In sydney at least. This also goes for bike racing too....
  15. Ben, I could never be accused of trying to stand out from the crowd
  16. Who cares how fast you are going when lights make you look so cool, ask any of the guys i race with. I have blue, green,red, yellow,white super bright light kits that stay on for 5min afteryou finish racing.... And thats what counts.... =)
  17. Wow, thanks guys, wasnt expecting that as there were quite a few good repaints this year. Congrats to all involved and those running the event.. Cheers Kai
  18. s#!t, didnt realise it was tonight
  19. Thanks Mel for hosting and the tucker cheers for results John
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