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  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. Always always willing to lend a hand. Rip
  2. Mohawkk

    Season One

    Hi everybody!!!! I'm new here, when do you race and what classes do you race?
  3. Bloody hell, I can't make this round... Work xmas party.
  4. What's the date for your round Craig?
  5. won't make it. taking the kids to the speedway
  6. I won't make the rally... 72% chance for the night
  7. Mohawkk

    S2 - R4

    I won't make it this weekend
  8. Have a great day Charlie
  9. Mohawkk

    S2 - R2

    It seems as if I'll miss this one.... Have fun Gents.... and Gary
  10. Can't make this weekend. Have fun
  11. Mohawkk

    Round 6 Pauls

    Thanks Paul, was good to finally get back to racing Awesome track mate
  12. I could possibly make it
  13. I may be there, I may not be. depending on weather.
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