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  1. only answer dirrect questions...none of this "i put it to you" stuff later
  2. the track at Wynumm is the guy from tingalpa(you know him...before the kiwis took over)...so no 1\32 's later
  3. i remember there is a track...carrera, i think....its at the graceville united church..never been there ,only heard about it later
  4. nice...but i need something bigger later
  5. FloridaSlot

    Billy Carts

    woohooo...all had fun... how did they go, any places ? later
  6. Congrates ive done it 4 times :0 dont forget the video..you will be amazed when you look back at it good luck :purplebounce: later
  7. FloridaSlot

    Billy Carts

    how about this one :( http://cgi.ebay.com.au/hot-rod_W0QQitemZ17...1QQcmdZViewItem later
  8. FloridaSlot

    Billy Carts

    hehehehe..looks like it will tip over on her..might wants some out riggers...heheheheh later
  9. I agree that it will make the younger drinkers turn to buying a 700mi bottle of sprits and mix there own with no controll of a stanard drink, they will get even more drunk off a few drink??? makes no sense at all...whats wrong with raiseing the age to buy full strenght drinks to 21...that way all they can buy is low % drinks...they will have to drink alot more of them to get Pi55ed Yes and parent should be charged if they supply kids to too much drink the buck has to spot somewhere later
  10. me too...lmao....I was waiting for a story about zapping the cat...hahahahahaha snot and taers everywhere funny as later
  11. what did you do to that "lamb" from NZ???....lol...hope nan didnt catch ya doing it :huh2: later
  12. FloridaSlot

    Fryar Mountain

    and the rails dont rust :huh2: later
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