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  1. Great Video of what looked like a fantastic day - well done!
  2. Were there slot cars in that video?
  3. Ill 2nd that the tracks are fantastic, can't wait to go back!
  4. Good to see the 'Slot' spirit is still alive mate, good luck with it. One day I might get a chance to drop up and race you??? Cheers Mal
  5. I also race with the Canberra CARRACE guys, the best fun for me is racing 4 FLY Truck's together on the big oval. The carnage is fantastic to watch (as long as it's not your truck :-0 )
  6. Hi Antony, This forum is a great place to start, there is a wealth of information relating to routing your own track, just use the search function. The members are also a goldmine of information so post up your questions, I don't think there is anything that will not get answered in relation to building your own track. Another great source of info is this site http://www.oldslotracer.com/ Cheers Mal
  7. Do you mean copper tape? If so there is a lead lighting shop in Fyshwick they have it. All the guys in both Canberra clubs but their tape from there. Cheers Mal
  8. Here is a clone of myself that I made 16 years ago. Cheers Mal P.S. We still both ride the fantastic single track around the Canberra region. What a weekend that could be interstate slotcar racing broken up by some of the best single track riding in Australia. That I'd like to see. Anybody interested?
  9. I have been running Dingo for 2-3 years and have not had a problem with it. I would look at your hardware setup before blaiming the software. Matt (the author) is currently living in England temporarly. Cheers Mal
  10. Great looking track, thanks for the photo's.
  11. G'day THC, Fantastic looking track, keep the photo's coming when you get some more done. Anyone who is keen enough to punch a hole in their own brick garage wall gets my vote !!! Cheers Mal
  12. Hey Davenic, the clue that they must be good blokes lies in the photo of their car collection. They must really look after SHMBO to get that many cars :-). Fantastic looking tracks too. I'd love to get a ACT vs. NSW or ACT vs. VIC slotrace meeting up and running. With accomadation and reciprocile visitation rights happening. Although I'd tackle it with the emphasis on having an enjoyable time and not so much on full on compeditive racing, that can get too bogged down with rules and so on. Cheers Mal
  13. I'd be happy with a [tasteful] photo of your good self. A Chick into slotcars - where were you when I was still single LOL.......... Please post some photo's of what you do decide to spend your hard earned winnings on. Have a good one. Mal
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