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  1. So I see the Camaro is back in the news to replace the Commodore again, but not until Gen3 in 2022, so with Holden name ending this year does that mean we will have the car formerly known as a Commodore racing next year. Saw pics of the 2022 Mustang in the paper and at least it looks like a Mustang this time, only a couple of years late. I did like the description of the current car looking "as much VW Beetle as it does Mustang".
  2. I think it is just a Melbourne thing at the moment, I placed an order from the UK on 22/8 and it turned up yesterday 8/10 at 8pm.
  3. Watching Pawn Stars last night and a guy wheels in what looks like a slot car track under a plastic dome. Apparently it was a coin-op arcade machine from the 80's with two Womp looking cars on a routed track operated via the joystick. The one on the show was a Turbo Drive 2 which the guy said was a 1 of 1 but there was an earlier version which I think I have a pic of below. I have never seen or heard of anything like this before but it looks like a great track design if you wanted to make a track that fits a lot of track in a limited space.
  4. Hey, that's mine. You need an update though, the track no longer has crossovers or skid chicanes, see profile pic.
  5. I like all sorts motorsport too but it is more interesting when daylight isn't the second place runner no matter what category of racing. Also with lewis not on the podium we were spared the excessively long interview he usually gets and got more race coverage in the 1 hour highlights pack.
  6. Farewell Mrs Peel.
  7. How to have a more interesting F1 race, give lewis a 10 second stop and hold penalty. Maybe there should be a bounty system where if you are being overtaken by a Mercedes and can give it a puncture without causing a major accident you get some cash or points.
  8. How is this max $10 car currently at more than $120 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Scalextric-C120-Vintage-Brabham-BT44-Kotzting-F1-Car-Excellent-condition/164364953076?hash=item2644ea25f4:g:xi8AAOSwEPtfT2QO
  9. mtpanorama

    Eastside Raceway

    Welcome back to the slot car nuthouse Dick.
  10. SShhhhh.....don't tell everyone, that was going to be my secret weapon when dicktator Dan let us out of lock down in 2021....2022....2023.
  11. Any chance of a front view photo of the 3D printed body, the angle from the side and the way the top is rounded off on the front of the 3D body makes it look like an XF. Plus if you want to make the Group C Touring cars you will need to add a body kit.
  12. Postage from the US has varied from very high to ridiculously stupid for a while, nothing unusual there. I think they do it to just to see what they can get away with.
  13. Am I missing something? $9.99 seems reasonable for what is there to me, the wheels, tyres, axles and guides would have to be worth that much.
  14. The hole at the rear axle end looks like a standard mabuchi endbell holder but if there is room for a long can then you might need a spacer like some of the Scalextric cars used to put a mabuchi in a johnson motor holder.
  15. There is no such thing as an ideal track size, track size is only limited by the amount of track you have, the amount of room you have, the amount of room you are allowed to use and whatever makes you happy as you will be the one doing the most laps on it.
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