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  1. The best match for the NSR Mosler is two more NSR Moslers.
  2. Watch the video, it shows the Batmobile in the current case.
  3. That chassis is horrible, what happened to it, whoever attacked that should not be allowed near slot cars. Also the XB/XC chassis is sidewinder and the XW/XY is inline which I don't think you could sneak past the scrutineer.
  4. Overhead, that was the word I was trying to think of. Unless the chassis is too far gone you could try JB Weld with maybe some piano wire for reinforcement. Have a search around the forum, there are quite a few broken/stretched chassis's put back together with JB Weld.
  5. I know this is true for 1:1 cars but I think toy and hobby shops count spares as lost money they may or may not get back.
  6. mtpanorama

    Motor brackets

    Den, Scalextric also did adapters for the Johnson 111 to fit into the RX motor hole that fit without drilling or sanding. So if you do that swap again have a look around.
  7. That looks right to me, also R1 were also classified as inner and double inner for classic track, don't know if they still use that name for the sport track.
  8. So how good is Lewis Hamilton's car that you can put Williams driver George Russell in it and if not for a "problem" in the Mercedes pitstop he might have won his first F1GP race.
  9. mtpanorama

    Xmas Time

    Merry Christmas, ho,ho,ho.
  10. mtpanorama

    DG Raceway

    Looking really good Dick, but then your tracks have always been done really well.
  11. You could use this one, it is for the 91 car, what year is the car in the pic.
  12. Welcome back Rosco, might pay to wait and see what Scalextric make next year, you might be able to buy that livery.
  13. This came from a fellow Slot Car racer, thought you guys might enjoy it as much as I did, classic.
  14. So I see the Camaro is back in the news to replace the Commodore again, but not until Gen3 in 2022, so with Holden name ending this year does that mean we will have the car formerly known as a Commodore racing next year. Saw pics of the 2022 Mustang in the paper and at least it looks like a Mustang this time, only a couple of years late. I did like the description of the current car looking "as much VW Beetle as it does Mustang".
  15. I think it is just a Melbourne thing at the moment, I placed an order from the UK on 22/8 and it turned up yesterday 8/10 at 8pm.
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