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  1. I am with you there, I remember seeing someone driving (low flying) a wing car around the King track at Mobile Raceways and I could barely see it.
  2. I thought the first two releases of this car were a bit plain but I liked this one enough to buy it.
  3. It has been a week, am I allowed to say well done to Daniel Ricciardo for his win at Monza yet.
  4. I've never timed how long it takes but leaving it overnight leaves the rims shiny and clean and ready to re-use. Has it really been 10 years since we raced, I still race with Mark and Greg in the Phoenix group, we even got some racing in this year until lockdown 5 shut everything down.
  5. Welcome back gref, well done on escaping the prison state. Yes, an acetone soak works well on alloy rims, haven't tried it on plastic rims though.
  6. Having a quick look around the Alan Jones Komatsu Falcon appears to be an EL which Scalextric did not make. I think the closest Scalextric came to this model Falcon was the Dick Johnson Shell FAI and Phil Ward Nokia livery's on a Mondeo.
  7. mtpanorama


    So inappropriate, loved it.
  8. mtpanorama


    Thanks for the replies guys, I knew I wasn't the only crazy into Nascar on the planet. I thought that they changed the Nascar points system so Earnhardt Jr would win the championship but he still couldn't get it right. A simpler points system would be better, and I am still a little undecided about the Stage racing, it does keep the racing close but it also seems a bit artificial. Next two replays are up, Xfinity from Mid-Ohio and Cup from Sonoma, more road racing, got my weekend sorted.
  9. mtpanorama


    Hellooooo............Anybody out there, no problem I'll just talk to myself, getting used to that now we are in lock-down 4 part 2 waiting for part 3, 4, etc. The Cup race at COTA was great, not only Nascar's going left and right but on wet tyres and in the rain. EchoPark Texas Grand Prix from COTA | NASCAR Cup Series Full Race Replay - YouTube
  10. Supercars Australia dropped the V8 in their name a few years back, I think it was when the Opel Insignia "Commodore" was going to race it was suppose to have a turbo V6 but all the Holden teams said they would pull out if they could not race a V8. I only watch the Supercar races that are telecast live so I haven't seen much of the racing recently, 7 can stick their midnight highlights and I am not paying for foxtel. I am currently liking the TA2 and S5000 racing which is on live free to air with the TCR series and watching Nascar, GT's, IMSA and more on youtube, not missing Supercars at all.
  11. I thought it was an Australian clip.
  12. mtpanorama


    Finally got around to watching the race, James Davison's Dick Johnson’s scheme got a short mention in the coverage before Jeff "look at me" Gordon cut it off. Favorite livery was Tyler Reddick's tribute to Marty Robbins, it really stood out. For those of you who think ovals are boring the next race is at the Circuit Of The Americas, a road course, and the first time Nascar has raced there so it should be interesting.
  13. mtpanorama


    Last weekend at Darlington James Davison ran his car in this throwback scheme to honor Dick Johnson’s scheme from 1989-1990. Image from James Davision. Copied from the following website which has all the paint schemes: https://www.jayski.com/paint-schemes/cup-series-paint-schemes/2021-spring-darlington-raceway-announced-throwback-paint-schemes/
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