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  1. Be careful, statements like that can lead to a jail cell these days. You never know who is watching and they don't have a sense of humour.
  2. I use MJK or Ortmann tyres, glue, true, race, no treatment needed.
  3. mtpanorama

    Really ?

    Yet another Stupid Unnecessary Vehicle and a sad day for the Mustang name.
  4. So is it a secret or can you tell the rest of us where you got Robin?
  5. That looks great, reminds me of the Datsun pickups, and adding the extra length to the bed makes it look like a ute and not a just a modified car.
  6. If your multimeter is showing 4 then to me that says the resistor is 4 ohms, do you have something with a known resistance that you can check the accuracy of the multimeter, maybe you need some new batteries.
  7. The green screw terminals should be positive and negative in from your power supply and positive and negative out to the Tyre Razor, looking at the pic I can just make out OUT on the circuit board behind the terminals closest to the knob, that should be connected to the Tyre Razor. Hopefully there is an IN with a +ve and -ve on the circuit board behind the heat sink where the power supply should be connected. To add a digital display connect it across the OUT to see the voltage going to the Tyre Razor.
  8. No Plafit gears are not Ergal but they don't need to be, I have them in most of my 1/24th cars that have been running for many years without failure.
  9. A Plafit 33 tooth spur gear for 3mm axle is a direct replacement for the Revoslot, if Mr Slotcar in Hallam doesn't have one Ace Hobbies should.
  10. I like the way NSR are doing this with their 80's F1 car so that the liveries of some of the smaller teams that probably would not ever be made into a slot car can get a run.
  11. Sorry for the late notice but I just spotted this myself, Indy Car highlights on at 2pm Today (Wednesday) on Channel 93/99/Go. I don't know if this is going to be a regular timeslot but if it is I missed the highlights from the first race and it seems to be a strange time and channel to put it on if you wanted to build a following and gather the most ratings the show could get.
  12. I think the collecting part of the hobby is bigger than we know, I remember seeing that last year the Batman car out sold just about everything else available and that most of the TV/Movie cars sell more than the race cars.
  13. Scott McLaughlin has won his first Indy Car race in the first race of this year at the St Petersburg street circuit with his team mate Will Power in 3rd. Well done to Scott and Team Penske.
  14. Scalextric C2265 Williams FW20, I thought it looked off because the driver was missing but looking at the pics of the chassis there is no guide and it clearly says Hot Wheels? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/403498856007?hash=item5df267ee47:g:lSIAAOSw~AJiBfQU
  15. I don't remember Ninco making this one, new in box apparently. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/275155940825?hash=item40109275d9:g:CAUAAOSwuylh~3cK
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