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  1. My world-travelling M1 returned home today, safe and sound! And in remarkably good condition actually. The only obvious effects of the series are absent mirrors and the "special" wing so generously provided by Gas41T: thanks again Rossko, one of the special moments for me in the series. A final word of thanks to David and everybody (competitors, host, drivers, organisers etc.) that played a role in making this just a great series: I enjoyed it tremendously! And wishing you all a wonderful 2018. Alwyn
  2. Wow, don't you Antipodean guys sleep??!! Most impressive! Greatly appreciate the clear, logical way you set out what you were planning on doing and the excellent execution. This is a great example for all of us to emulate and with good timing as well: I am helping run the first round of the North American Gp 5 proxy this Sunday! Thanks for all of it Terry but of course I have to say that I am obviously especially chuffed with my car's good results! Seeing as this is way better than my previous results I clearly owe Rossko a bunch of points as it MUST have been the new wing that did it! It looks like I am in line for possible 20 points more than my normal quota: I would be more than happy to donate 20 of those to Rossko! And clearly you cannot keep a good man down: Tony again showing his supremacy. My sympathy goes to my good friend Dale just missing the podium. This might tip the final result Tony's way? With appreciation: thanks and well done Terry. Another great round in a great series that I have enjoyed a lot. Alwyn
  3. Aha, that makes sense! I see that you have run qualifying since this post and I am still in second spot: a lovely surprise still! I did notice however that the competition in the race is likely to be intense: no fewer than ELEVEN cars within 1/10th of a second of the fastest qualifier! This just highlights how very, very competitive this proxy is. Thanks for all the hard work Terry: greatly appreciated! Alwyn
  4. That must be it! I am happy to donate any points that are better than my past average to Rossko in recognition of his assistance! Alwyn
  5. WHAAATTT???? I got fastest Q time? I will take a screen shot of that and preserve it forever! I understand there are likely reasons for it as you described Terry but I will still cherish this. Also understood that the others are expected to go quicker going forward. So the big question: can I please withdraw from the race now so that I can go out on a high before things return to normal? From a surprised and grateful Alwyn
  6. Thanks for the update Terry. First and foremost: while we all likely love our slot cars I think we all recognize that, in the bigger scheme of things, there are a lot more important things in life. So all of us accept that there is always the possibility of something important having to take precedence over running toy cars. Ergo: do what is important first and get to the proxy when you get to the proxy: I believe I speak for many when I say that having to wait a bit of time for a proxy leg to be run is really, really not an issue in my life! Also much thanks for the quick feedback on the standard of the cars: as a participant this is great to hear. Oh no, wait, what was I THINKING! I would have preferred to hear that all the cars are terrible and that there is only one wonderful car: MINE! Have fun! Alwyn
  7. Well done Rossko: a tremendous amount of work in a very short time! I keep on saying it because I keep on thinking it: fantastic job by the hosts in this proxy to keep things moving and exciting with the good reporting. Hugely appreciated! Certainly seems like my car was fast enough but rather too tricky to drive. We live and learn... Alwyn
  8. This has me very curious: 1. What kind of treatment are we talking about here? 2. How does one tell after 6 rounds of racing whether tyres were treated? 3. And as a corollary to that: do any tyre treatments really provide any long term benefit? Apologies if these questions sound really ignorant: that is likely due to the fact that when it comes to tyre treatment I AM ignorant! Alwyn
  9. I continue to be very impressed with the fast pace and excellent running of the proxy. You guys down there certainly do a fantastic job! Congrats to the podium finishers: the good ones always seem to stay there or thereabouts. A special shout to Aloha Dale for keeping the locals on their toes! I understand Dale only has a Carrera track to help with his preparation: phenomenal job to prepare cars that are consistently in the top ranks on all the proxies you enter Dale. Don't know HOW you do it! Cheers Alwyn
  10. And my car's now well proven record for variability strikes again! Oh well, so it goes.... Thanks Capri-Corn for the kind comments: it helps greatly as a balm to my hurt pride! Also to the team as a whole for the wonderfully expeditious way that you guys continue to run this series: extremely impressive! Certainly helps to keep the interest way up there. Cheers Alwyn
  11. In the thread on Round 3 I wrote "Seems like my car is the king of the erratic bunch! ". From that point on my car has gone all out to prove this statement. Never mind "prove": it seems hell bent on raising the bar in the "erraticity stakes"! OK, so I made up that word and the phrase, but it seems appropriate for my car's behaviour. Talk about all over the show! And the cars are certainly incredibly close, particularly in the region where my car is at present. Looks like the race could be very exciting with the potential for my car to again shine in terms of changing its position. But I am incredibly grateful for the stunning Q (by my own and this car's standards!): thanks AWFULLY gentlemen! Maybe I should withdraw from the rest of the series like RIGHT NOW and go out on a high! From a surprised and very happy Alwyn
  12. Wow, I am very impressed with the way you guys keep the proxy moving and keeping the interest up. Excellent reporting and good feedback: thanks. Congrats to the up front guys: this proxy certainly is VERY competitive. Also much thanks to Grunz for the nice positive feedback: good to know that my car is enjoyable even with the rather poor showing recently. This, together with the relatively good fastest race lap for my car, gives me some hope that things might improve in the future. Good job to all concerned. Alwyn
  13. Thanks to the hosts for the very quick running of the round and the quick reporting. Seems like my car is the king of the erratic bunch! Any comments that the drivers could pass on to help me gain insight why the car is so all over the place would be appreciated. Cheers Alwyn
  14. Wazza and team Thanks awfully for how quickly and competently you guys have run and reported on this leg. It is great efforts like this that keep the excitement and interest in the series up there. It certainly greatly adds to the enjoyment for me. I am obviously also VERY grateful for how well you got my car to perform. My results in recent proxies have been... let's just say less than stellar and leave it there.... so I spent some extra effort on the car. Regardless of how things go from here (and I strongly agree with Dale's "early days" comment!), this result has left me quite content. And also per Dale's comment regarding support for the All Blacks contributing to his success: if that is a prerequisite for success, while I hugely respect and admire the All Blacks, as a Springbok supporter I think I might be in trouble! In any case, we all know the All Blacks will be thrashing the Springboks AGAIN in a few weeks... Thanks again guys: you rock! Alwyn
  15. Oh wow, what a lovely surprise! Embarrassing as that may be, I believe this is likely my best Q result ever in a proxy. It seems Dale knows my car better than I do as he predicted a better performance for my car. Either that or he was just being a good friend and keeping my spirits up! Either way: thanks for the supportive comments Dale. Thanks for the very expeditious running of the round guys: very impressive. Thanks also for shepherding my car around the track at great speed for the Q. Regardless of the race outcome I am a happy camper! Good luck to all for the race. Alwyn
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