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  1. Thanks for the response everyone,appreciate it.I've sent an email asking for a full refund & will wait for an answer.cheers Tomi.
  2. Hey Mark,i've dealt with him twice before & got a nice #1 stang & the street camaro.This time the packing was not like before with nothing like bubblewrap cushioning the car. Ps The range car will surely go over the pricetag of the last one that was on offer on Ebay,think it was $507AU.Am tempted but i think i'll pass.
  3. There is no chance the damage was caused in the mail. Was there a spacer between the base and the chassis where the retaining screw goes. If not, this would have caused the chassis damage. Rear spoilers are not glued! and roof scratches are optional at extra cost. LOL. Yeah both spacers were on,the guide was out of the slot though.
  4. So if he won't fully refund i just leave negative feedback & report the seller to Ebay?
  5. Thanks for the feedback all.I've payed with paypal,& am hoping he'll want to resolve this without much fuss.He's said he cannot fully refund & that he cannot replace the car as it is the only one he has.He stated the car as New.Here's what he had on the item description on ebay. Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHEVROLET CAMARO #40 VINCE GIMONDO, MANUFACTURED BY SCALEXTRIC, REF. C2654. LIMITED EDITION. THIS CAR IS MINT NEVER USED IN ORIGINAL BOX. DISCONTINUED AND HARD TO FIND MODEL!!! Payment -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PayPal with no extra charge (not accepted for Spain residents). - Bank Transfer via IBAN code and only in euro currency. Shipping Europe: 15.00 AU$ Rest of the World: 18.00 AU$ I will do combine shipping for multiple winning items. Check out my other items! Additional Information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All items will be mailed by registered mail with coverage of 40 $ included. Optional insurance available but consider it would be VERY expensive. I'm not responsible for any loss or damage in the mail.
  6. Hi all,i've recently had a problem with one of the scaley camaro's i've purchased on Ebay.They item arrived with a fair bit of damage on it,whether by the seller or in courier i'm uncertain,but assume in transit.I bought the car for just shy of $100 including postage & the seller has offered to give me $20 refund,do you think that is a fair offer?The seller has sent me a few car previous that were alot better packed then this car & they came mint.What would you do?I'll include some pics to show the damage.cheers Tomi. Crack in the chasis Rear spoiler is off & someone seems to have attempted to reglue it,also a scratch on the roof.
  7. Dwanted1

    Scaley Fg ???

    Limited edition box set of both vodafone cars would of been sweet. :clap:
  8. Dwanted1

    New Cars

    They both look good to me Mark.Have you got the whole collection now?cheers Tomi.
  9. Dwanted1

    New Cars

    Most of the cars were atleast $50AU when released,doubt you'd find any of them for under that price these days.
  10. Dwanted1

    New Cars

    Good question Embs,will prolly try to collect some of the Fly cars i like & also some of the other brand muscle cars.
  11. Dwanted1

    New Cars

    A couple of new cars in the collection.The scaley mustang/camaro collection is almost complete :( . cheers Tomi.
  12. If you aren't satisfied with the ranger &/or police,i'd try the RSPCA.They do not look too kindly on that type of behaviour & will probably push for charges to be laid if the police won't. Out of curiosity did they say what calibre gun he used?How big is the farm?All the information you get off the police can be used against him,so get as much as you can.
  13. I'd get a second opinion in regards to what the police have told you.Also if your neighbour has a firearms license he will know that he may only shoot on his own property or a property with written permission of the owner(if he doesn't he's screwed).So if your cat was shot on your property you have a legal case.cheers Tomi.
  14. Looks great Embs.I like the fissure too,makes it look natural.
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