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  1. << SOLD >> PWR-MP3802 – 25 amp Variable voltage 0-16 V DC Compact size, high current, variable output and fan cooling makes this the ideal power supply to run your slot car track. It has thermal overload and short circuit protection; and will display a warning LED in the event of a fault condition. Current and voltage are displayed on separate back-lit analogue meters. In perfect working and cosmetic condition - "as new" is no exaggeration. Cost new is $159. Priced at $90 delivered to Eastern states and Tasmania. Full details here > http://www.armchairr...-25amp-0-16-vdc
  2. Bump ....anyone out there building a 3 lane track!!!
  3. << SOLD >> If you are building yourself a new 3-laner or looking to refresh or upgrade the electronics on your current track, this is your answer. All parts are in excellent, well cared for condition as you can see from the photos. 3 X Professor Motors controllers (with XLR connectors); 3 X SlotsNZ driver stations (XLR type) with power LEDs and reverse switch to give you 2 tracks in one; 3 X Slot Car Corner controller holders; Light bridge (90 mm spacing; 39 cm between posts); and Trackmate timing complete with board and sensors (incl software on CD and the instruction manual) All wiring is intact and soldered into place. All connections are labelled and in full working order. Installation will be simple and straightforward for this complete package. Priced at $350 plus postage.
  4. << SOLD >> Routed and braided 3 lane track, ~13 mtr lane length with 100 mm wide lane spacing. Surface is high gloss that provides excellent grip for urethane and natural rubber tyres. Track table has a 4.8 mtr x 1.8 mtr footprint and legs have heavy duty castors, so the whole thing moves easily. Features: Trackmate timing with embedded sensors Variable voltage power supply PWR-MP3802 - 25amp 0-16V DC 3 X Professor Motors controllers (with XLR connectors) colour coded to lane colours 3 X SlotsNZ driver stations (XLR type) with direction change switch for 2 tracks in one!! Slot Car Corner controller holders Light bridge included (but not installed) The legs are bolted for easy removal and the track should fit on a tandem trailer for transport. Located in central Canberra. Link to build thread > http://www.auslot.co...5038-haig-park/
  5. If this helps, I am thinning out my collection and have a few Slot.it cars you may be interested in. Group C: Porsche 956KH 'Gulf' Porsche 962C KH 'Jagermeister' Lancia LC2 'Martini' Toyota 88C 'Taka-Q' Modern LMP: McLaren F1 GTR 'Gulf' McLaren F1 GTR 'FINA' These are all still in their shrink-wrapped cases. They are $57 each including postage to you. Please PM me if any of the are of interest.
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