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  1. Just a basic but effective build of a 1/24 Cox Cheetah. I did just a small amount of scratch building and wanted this to look like a club car. Anyway, I had a good time doing this one but it was a challenge.
  2. Some scratchbuilding on this car. Had a good time and maybe the nicest one I've done of this car.
  3. This is Graham's (GP-Miniatures) beautiful DBR1 slot car body. I did some scratch building on this car (can you see where?) and used a Monogram body with a Cox head. Jairus did the brass chassis which finished this car off real well. I had a real good time with this car and I highly recommend this kit from GP-Miniatures. I'm going to do another GP-Miniatures car soon... maybe the DB4... anyway, good to be back!
  4. another project over. The wipers are not glued in because I will be posting this soon. It always gets messed up in the post. I did the hood with a magnet up front as well has the back. I kept the pins for the hood stable rather than moving because I wanted hands off for the chrome. The car looks much better in person so don't be too hard me. I enjoyed this project but it was tough. Anyway, I hope you like it.... Cheers guys here's a short video of the car
  5. Ferrari red was the order in this build along with some tasteful fantasy livery. Clear coat next.
  6. In order to open the hood I needed to make the pins to open and to be moved to the side. I also did the straps and cut them at the grove line of the hood. All of this is not glued in yet. I'll be gluing all this at the end. Thanks everyone for the kind comments on the car so far... Cheers!
  7. Hi again! Here a build that Jairus and me are sorting out at the moment. The model is a 1/24 scale Testors Ferrari 250 GTO. Jairus went ahead and built up the interior to fit an amazing brass chassis old school style. We also wanted to open the hood to show the lovely v12 engine detail. A good place to read how Jairus did this chassis and the build up - http://www.modelcars...showtopic=51817 When I got the car I decided to go all out and add a lot extra detail to the interior and motor. Lots of scratchbuilding was done in order to pull off the look. I also used an old Monogram driver from a 1/24 Chaparral 2D kit. I cut the head off and used a modified Cox head. Moreover, I modified the body to fit the cockpit and to be holding the gear stick. Needless to say, at lot will be hidden but if you go looking you'll find the detail. The photos are big and it's a little rough but when the car is in your hands it looks much better. Onto the body now. I'm thinking Ferrari red?
  8. Wow... I got one of these to sort out. It was an unpainted 1/32 NSR Ford GT Mark IV so I went for a more modern look. Carbon fiber stripe and a gun metal base topped off with gold rims. Lovely;) I also went with a little more detail using what was in my tool box. It was a fun project and a very nice model from the Italians. Well done NSR...
  9. well the end is here - it took a long time to pull this off but I think it was worth it in the end....
  10. Got the dash in and final touches. The interior is done now. Onward...
  11. Thanks lads Update... Building the rear spoiler. All I did here was use a piece of styrene and cut it down to size. Sanded the edges down cut 4 slits even across. I found some old round small etched hood hinges with holes in the middle and placed rivets in the middle of them. I then lined them up and glued them into place and then cleaned up the back of the spoiler. I've added scratched built door handles which I'll remove and add to the finished body later. You can see I've already started to clean up the body some more and I will do more clean up later before painting. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be accurate and there will be some exaggeration More detailing to come Onward...
  12. It's been a while so I thought I would drop this on the forum. Needless to say. it's a Cox Chaparral 2D that I'm working on among many other projects which I'll put up when done real soon. The first thing I wanted to do with this car was to lower the car to a better stance. In order to that you have to cut the interior down (check photos) along with the posts. The good news about dropping the interior is that the wires from the motor fit better under the interior. I'm not using the original headlights so I have filled in the holes. I'll use a more realistic set of lights. I also fitted the black wrap for the windows. These will be fitted with rivets later. The body is not done yet but half way there. More details will be added. The chassis will be sand blasted along with the wheels. This car should look pretty good when it's done.
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