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  1. i am out , as its F1 qualifing day , I will be at albert park , , have fun gents !
  2. Thank you Gents No slot goodies But I still had a great day
  3. Happy birthday Rob !!
  4. I will be back ! need to redeem my pityful effort name the date !
  5. sax0607

    Woodbrook Valley

    sorry for all the suggetions .................................. not !!!! and why not put some wheels under it too ?
  6. sax0607

    Digital Car Chips

    scalextric chips , will handle up to about a 20k motors current draw , any bigger / faster rpm motors will fry the chip slot.it chips handle a bit more current , you can run a 22k motor on them ok , I never tried any bigger / faster than that, hope that helps a little Matt
  7. Mark , it would be good to catch up again , and it would give me reason to do some scenery . Shane , just for for you I will put a ban on all car tuning , for everyone except myself only joking !!!! Thanks Dick , you know I have only been to lazy to do it !
  8. Mark , the track is ready to go with the digital side of things , I have just gone a bit stale on it,the pits would fuction in both digital and analogue if I ever get to it , and as far as any work on the track in the last 2 years , well................... my cars are really fast !! and the trophy cabnet is full. Matt
  9. I notice 3 things in these video's , 1 : my track really needs some scenery 2 : I am never driving in the video's ? 3 : my track really really needs scenery I have some video as well ,I just need to upload it Matt
  10. Mark , we will see if we can get some video , so at least you will be able to watch some of the madness Matt
  11. Happy birthday Rick , have a good day Matt
  12. sax0607

    Scaley Fg ???

    Shane, it has a lot of potential , half the work is already done for you ! I hope the commodore gets an upgrade to, otherwise I just have to up grade the VE a bit more Matt
  13. sax0607

    Round 11 Results

    Shane, the rear oiltie post is the most obvious thing, and it showed with the occasional shudder when pressed hard out of corners , i may have to get on my self to replace the exploding avant slots , I currently am using Matt
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