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  1. josh777

    Work Shop

    yer ive had a look and there round about £23 on ebay instead of £30-£40 on the offical scalextric websit.Thanks
  2. josh777

    Work Shop

    what do you think is easyer and cheeper making grandstands or buying the grandstand its self like a scalextric one or ninco??
  3. josh777

    Work Shop

    thanks ill try that because i dont wonna do anything to complicated and as i said im a biginner and i just need to get use to it and BNQ i dont know if you have heard of the place because im in engalnd and they cut it to size for you.
  4. josh777

    Work Shop

    cool i understand now. whats easyer making a table for your track to go on or just get wall papering tables??
  5. josh777

    Work Shop

    thanks danger mouse what is the best way to do it like bass the track on a real track or a figure of 8. what ??
  6. josh777

    Work Shop

    thanks and what do you mean im on the money
  7. josh777

    Work Shop

    thaks im a beginner and what size router bit do i need. i read its 4x8 is that right
  8. josh777

    Work Shop

    im in england and what size router bit do i need
  9. josh777

    Work Shop

    were can i find copper tape
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