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  1. Jason is unable to do so due to having to be under medical care. We will have to arrange postage of this car as distance to drive and work times are an issue. If payment for postage is an issue please message me. Cheers Mark
  2. Any idea where Jason's car is? Mark Dickson.
  3. The short 5 lap shake down was run today I will be posting the report late tomorrow or on sat Stage 1 will be on sunday with stage 2 on tuesday There was onlt 1 issue with a car It was mine a rear tyre came off the rim so it will be reglued
  4. the winning BLC cars all had numbers on them
  5. The issue I had was a faulty power supply which the wrong one was sent to me so the round will now take place on Thursday im sorry for the delay these things always happen at the wrong times I will get some photos hopefully of the cars to post up in the mean time The BLC has a winner but will not be saying who has won untill the race is over
  6. Sorry guys the race has been delayed untill monday due to pc issues
  7. I had so much trouble getting mine and my dad's car back I really hope you guys get your cars soon as it should never take this long
  8. Just Picked up the cars today I will go over and check all the cars over the weekend, with the hopes the get the round started on thursday There will be 2 rounds of 4 mins in each direction this time around Judging of the best looking cars will take place over the weekend with 3 pairs of TR racing tyres to the winner 2 pairs for Second and a pair for third place.
  9. any comments on how my car went or how it could be better
  10. you could be right if so my bad for jumping the gun
  11. Can you let me know when the cars are headed my way cheers
  12. Maybe posts in the for sale section should have to the posts checked by a staff member or a mod first ?
  13. let me know the price as I would love some
  14. My Porsche 962c KH CA17a should be there by now Parts used where: SICH60 : EVO 6 ANGLEWINDER MOTOR POD SICH10 : RACE PICK UP GUIDE - FOR PLASTIC TRACK SICH47 : 2x Spring Suspension Kits SICH55B : 2x Medium Springs for SICH47 Suspension Kit SIMN11H : FLAT-6R 22K 11/32 gearing SIPA01-55h : 1x Steel pro hollow axle L. 55mm D. 2,38mm (3/32") SP19 : Competition Copper PT31 : F22 20x11 rear tyres Standard Front tyres with nail polish PA17-Als : front wheels with group c inserts PA24-Als : Rear wheels with group c inserts Please let me know if the car has arrived please and also could you please check the grub screws as my allen key is pretty bad cheers
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