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  1. lone racer

    Ssdc Problems

    Hi John. This may sound completely stupid. I had a simmilar problem I got hold of a cheap lap top, my mate reformated it for me installed the programe (ssdc) all done at his house he tested it at his place on his track he runs the same set up as me and it worked great. The next day we hooked it up to my track and it would not run got the same message your getting, well after about half an hour of fidleing around my mate noticed that I had not pluged the aux cable into the power base. Well after correcting my slight mistake we were up and runing or should I say raceing and It has been runing ever since. I am not saying that this is your problem or that you haven,t pluged in the aux cable but it was a silly little thing like that that stoped my programe from working. I hope it,s something simple and easy to fix and you are raceing with It again shortly. Lone racer.
  2. Can anyone help me out, I race a Revell Momogram Simca 1000 and will need to replace the braids in the near future. I know I can get the braids from the U.S.A So my question is ,is there anyone out there that knows where you can buy Revell Monogram braids in Australia.
  3. A couple of weeks ago i was running a car round the track the car suddenly stoped green light on power base was flashing turned power off at wall , light was still flashing for about a minute then went out. Turned power back on which reset power base light stayed on ran car again car, stopped again in same spot power base light was flashing again this time when power turned off light keept flashing a lot longer then went out. When power turned back on there was no power to base, power base seems to be dead have tried base and transformer on other track transformer good base still dead. No signs of burning any ideas on the cause of this, can power base be fixed or do i have to get a new one ? and has anybody else had this problem ?.
  4. Hi Wade just got your reply to my post about raceing with me sounds good , so send me some contact details and we will tacke it from there. Mike.
  5. I live in Rockingham Western Australia. I have had my track for two years now and have not been able to find a local club or anyone to race with. So i was wondering if there is anyone in the southern suberbs that would be interested in meeting with me.
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying to your last post but was unable to get to my track until last week end. I have tried what you recomended above and the problem is still there, i guess that i may have to get a new LC section. As i have no one to race against at the moment its not a real problem just a bit inconvinent. Thanks for your help. Loneracer.
  7. Hi Glen. Thanks for the ideas on my Lc problem i have three hand controls and get the same result with all of them,so i can possibily rule that one out. But i will try passing a car over the light to see what the flipper does then clean around that area and see if that fixes the problem, can,t get to it until the weekend will let you know the result. Rick replyed to my post he just asked what model i had and i told him Scalextric sports, but have not heard anything from him yet. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have two lane changers on my track layout, the one on the corner seems to change lanes when it feels like it as well as when i press the lane change button. However the lane changer on the straight section will not work. I have checked the connections and all seems to be nice and tight. Has anyone come across this problem before.
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