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  1. You can have the styrene I've been saving for a rainy day too
  2. I guess the whole point is that a really well setup RS will most likely be faster than a really well setup Metro, Audi & Lancia.
  3. Thanks to everyone involved in the proxy and well done to all of the winners. Cheers.
  4. Thanks for all your effort in running the round Alexis.
  5. Don't forget to turn left before you turn right
  6. Great Ocean road should be high on your list if you are keen for a bit of a drive.
  7. Wombats will charge you and hurt you so best be careful of them as well How long do you have in Aus and are you staying just in Melb or are you looking at going elsewhere?
  8. And its alive!! Had a few battles with my 6yr old son last night. As I was fining out, the outside lane is a little too close to the wall so you have to be careful. Kids had a ball this afternoon racing each other, they didn't even go too stupid! The cars can hit each other on different parts of the track if both cars are sliding, not ideal but I had a feeling that it might happy as it is pretty tight. Speeds are pretty slow so it shouldn't cause to many issues.
  9. The first year I hosted the Ozrally I went all out with photos of every car on every stage with feedback on every stage as well. I also did a video of each class. The feedback I got was very positive, however, as I wanted to keep things rolling and not let the proxy slow down it was pretty full on getting it all done so quick. I haven't been able to match it since due to time and motivation as you really need to WANT to do all the extra stuff, not just play with cars. People really enjoy that level of entertainment at each round but not everyone has the ability to achieve it. All it takes is one slow round and things can start to go down hill. The only time I get the track set up is to prepare for these events which time has been getting less and less of late (my results are showing this). Not really related to anything to do with the proxies, just life. My boys are starting to get better with it so it might pick up a little.
  10. Cheers for running the rounds and the feedback. Hope you had some fun.
  11. Thanks for running the round and well done to those at the pointy end. Good to see that I've completely f'ed up an apparently dominant chassis
  12. Finally a half descent result for the Ford. Well done to those up the top. Thanks to the Kiwi hosts. It's been a long time coming but it's great to see you guys having some fun and getting the cars over to the land of the long white cloud. Cheers.
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