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  1. Hi fellas, Good night on saturday, Good racin, great food, and fantastic smells !!! Apologies again James for causin your stack, i saw ya comin but f*#$(d it up, lookin at your car instead of the damn corner i was on. Well done to Chris and James for the wins. Love the flames on that holden, it looks like how a holden should look, great photo. Whats with steves tyre, did he do the whole race like that? cheatin bastard! anyway, smell yas later...literally Neil
  2. Yo dudes, good fun Satdy night, forgot how nerve wracking it gets when your in contention. Congrats to Dave for the nascar win, that car is running super smooth so don't fork around with it. Can't remember exactly what happened in th GT race, i think i was in one of the heats and was severley rammed up the arse from a misplaced reslot, then i got into the c or b main and doin ok then the motor decides to relocate itself, im sure from the arse bangin, and that screwed my chances,all fun in the end though! Well done Chris for the win. Huw and Jesse are a good laugh, we may have to look into getting a bouncer on the door. Cheers, Neil
  3. Great night saturday, some very close racing. Next meet should be a beauty, Is it possible to book an ambulance on standby? Cheers Neil.
  4. Great night last night guys, enjoyed it alot, some really close racing, Well done to Chris and Dave for the wins. One thing i noticed last night is that i didnt have any beers and i think my driving suffered because of that, 2 cans of mother gave me the shakes. Spewin i cant make the next round , Catchyas on the 16th April. Cheers, Neil
  5. Thx for Sat night fellas , had that historic nascar goin great thx too syd's expert tuning and also cos its a Ford (No Bugati parts sorry Kirk , and an enjoyable win with Dimi. Had a funny moment too with Mike round the bend before going under the bridge i somehow managed to flip over and land on top of Mike's car and he drove a few cm with me balancing on top ,stopping just before the bridge, not sure if we would have fitted under their or not. Also thx for the Enforcer V8 raffle win, and thats only three wins in the raffle for me, not every single one according to Dimi Look forward to next race, hamburgers with salad and launching the 2011 season. Cheers, Neil PS.. Dimi did your house survive?
  6. Kirk, As long as you don't wear that shirt again with snipe me on the back I'm pretty sure you'll be right.
  7. I'll run it clockwise Ira, to take advantage of the sweeper after the main straight, then a hard brake into the hairpin, like Syd's track. I'll pop it in the WA track section i spose. Cheers, Neil
  8. Hi Guys, Thx for last night Syd , another great night's racing, those enduro's are the ducks nuts, might have to try a longer one , maybe the Sydhurst 1000 or something. Thx for the accidental loan of the mosler Kirk and can i highly recommend Dave as a Co-Driver , his changovers are excellent, he turns opponents cars around the wrong way, unplugs their controllers, reslots his fellow co driver 16 feet further up the track and attempts to injure other marshalls with his porsche by flying over the edge (twice) While im here just gonna attach a pic of a 3 lane track which i think is my final plan. Any thoughts or suggestions and maybe where the best lane changes should be would be great. Cyas all next week for some :mosh: :dog: :alcohol: :band: :alcohol: :snipe: :alcohol: :sleep2: :alcohol: :chase:
  9. Thx again for hosting Saturday night Jimmy, Had a great night with some good laugh's... Like when I deslotted Ira with my thumb whilst trying to reslot a car, I dont think Ira found it funny though ... Then I had troubles with my Nascar which was running like a pig, only to discover that i forgot to cut off all the extra bits that come with the standard nascar body which wrere rubbing on the tyres when you swap it onto the pro chassis DOH! thx to Syd for that fix, I think Dave told me something about that a week before but i forgot... But the funniest moment of the night had to be Syd starting a race almost 1 lap behind when he realised he hadn't plugged his controller in... Laugh!!! sorry Syd had to mention it. You fought back well though as expected! Anyway great night and thx again, PS...and to those with wives just remember...Marriage is like a pack of cards, In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond, by the end you'll wish you had a club and a spade.
  10. Hi Rick, sorry that diagram should say entry flipper and exit flipper, only 2 flippers on the entire corner, the circled ones! Cheers Neil.
  11. Hi guys and gals, Just want to clear up the same lane brain question that has been asked 4 million times and im still too stupid to work it out . I skipped through long thread on the other forum but i'm still not quite sure on the following. In the attached pic, will 1 lane brain work for entry and exit flippers, with all functions working on the lane brain. This is where my confusion is, Im not bothered if the car that takes the inside line by itself cannot go into the best line exit, I would prefer that you only get to use the best line exit if you take the best line entry. So the entry and exit flipper only needs to open for the best line car, so would their default positions be open to best line and close when the inside lane beacon is activated, or would the default be closed to best line and open when a car is on the outside lane and activates beacon. Hope that makes sense cos i just confused myself again! Goodluck with your replies Cheers , Neil.
  12. Yo Ira , track looks wicked mate, great details and very challenging, I reckon i could set a world record of deslotting on every corner, 25 to 30 minute laps for me Here is a list of problems I see with it though, but can be easily fixed! 1: It's not at my house. So i'll see ya soon with my trailer, Onya, Neil.
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