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  1. Hey Tim Tracks is looking good when are we coming around for a test run it will be good to have a 4th track to race on . Keep it coming Cheers Slider
  2. Slider

    Slider Park Raceway

    Thats Good about resisters thanks Brad . yeap Andrew , Russell , Rob and myself are going to cause all sort,s of carnage at the first corner and the second and the third how many corners are there ?? unfortunately getting to your place for practise is kinda hard, for that i have to appoligies unfortunate as it is i just can,t get out till about 9 during the week and by then i,m ready for bed ( i better go tell the good wife that i,m, going to your place saturday nite have not told her yet ) Cheers see you then Slider
  3. Slider

    Slider Park Raceway

    Hey Brian still got a few connections to sort out but other than that i,m happy . i plan to have a classic ninco race soon plus V8 super cars i need to sort out the cars, that can and can not race and also what we can and can not do to the cars Cheers slider
  4. I don,t know what the problem is . I like it happy to have it in my garage. Cheers Slider
  5. track was sweet..................... as for IT unbearable Thanks Pete
  6. Slider

    Slider Park Raceway

    Track is no different at all to drive wont make any difference other than the hard to marshall corner is now easy to reach . plus there is a few rough joins to sort out which can be a problem if i don,t fix them. Cheers Slider
  7. Slider

    Slider Park Raceway

    Hey Paul More then welcome if you are down here . yeah have thought about the squeeze but i dont have much time these days only have every second sunday off from work . Cheers slider
  8. Slider

    Slider Park Raceway

    Hi Eno no i have not touch it since but i have the cars in there box,s or in lock tight bags to keep the dust off them , have not had time to do much these days . but today i will be revamping the track i have made a few changes to make it easy to marshall . track length will be the same but it has been reconfigured . and a few extra,s to spruce it up a bit Cheers Slider PS post pic,s when done
  9. I would go as far to say next time you race at Sliderpark the track will have changed , due to the fact i made it modular and i don,t like that one corner that is a pain to marshall . i shall modifie it, length will be the same for now . Also i am picking Barry,s Brain as to a few mods Cheers Slider
  10. No way we will never catch him if he does
  11. Does he have to come again Just taking the Piss out of you Tim you can come back again just don,t bring that 350 z thing with you.
  12. I,m Guessing you wont tell me how to sort them tyre,s out so i may have to soak them in some beam and see if that helps Cheers Slider
  13. We should have slapped him for Being late or did we Cheers Slider PS (Astin Martin )
  14. Slider

    The 1980's

    Bad Music , Big Hair , Going to the first Adelaide GP , Touring Australia in my old Kombie , drinking to much , loose woman , Aids , and Drinking to much . Cheers Slider
  15. Hey Guys where is the Photo with Russells JGTC ?? Cheers Slider
  16. Hey Brian ( Tazracer ) what was the format ? 3 0r 4 min heats . Lap times low 4,s for the slot it,s and mid 4s for the JGTC , and early Le-mans about the same . knoath I,m sorry to say i,m am not to sure i only go for the Jim Beam and to be Social Cheers Slider
  17. Thanks Guys for turning up, it was a great nite . Somehow feel that i may have consumed to many sherb,s . My slotit would only have traction for 20 laps then it was allmost undriveable maybe i should have scruffed the rabbit . anyhow till next time stay real Cheers Slider
  18. Slider

    F1 Qualifying

    F1 Qualifying, If you don't want to know, don't look Its great for those who can,t get to see it and as the title says F1 Qualifying, If you don't want to know, don't look Cheers slider
  19. looks Great Steve done good Cheers slider
  20. Good on you Steve thats the spirit well done Cheers Slider
  21. Hey Lad sorry i missed it Happy birthday .
  22. So don't play your rock and roll to me it ain't the way it's meant to be
  23. Fired a shot and landed on his bum
  24. all was quite not even a slot car purred
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