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  1. That, s is a oval not a circle . the circle is a around the other one you have to circle the problem not oval it
  2. Hell yeah i have 2 xw , s and 2 xy,s . now for some chargers Cheers Slider
  3. Phil the local shop here has them ( i wont mention their name on the forum ) Cheers Slider PS Phil would love it if you could make a couple for me if thats ok
  4. Hey it was a fun night i loved driving gazza,s car . also the ford anglia and the VW loved them . thanks Brad it,s a lot of work to host a round for the DUPR you done well . Cheers Slider Ps your car was good to driv e as well Phil
  5. All i can say is.... WHAT A NIGHT talk about hard work .( Brads onion and mushroom with chillies went well . Talk about farting like a bush horse ) The hammer ring lived up to it,s name Cheers Slider
  6. Glad i could help Paul . looking forward to the end result Cheers Slider
  7. Thats Harsh I found it very interesting , as i have some very nice Ferrari slot cars :nice:
  8. Slider

    New Rally Hill Climb

    Well done Johno looks the part, great video as well. Cheers Slider
  9. Not the wrong Question Bill it,s a great idea . But i don,t know how it,s done sorry i can,t help Regards Slider
  10. Slider

    Reader Beware

    This person has some major issue,s he needs help . So why would someone do an article on such a thing it will only encourage more people to do the same i,m mean who would have thought Cheers Slider
  11. Slider

    Diamond Ring

    Looking good Steve glad you have it running, how do the cars handle on it ? . It,s a big change running on wood good on you enjoy Cheer,s Slider
  12. Just a quick question here How do you tune a car to a particular voltage ? Is it in the gearing , the tyre,s , the weight. or what is it . Cheers Slider
  13. Slider

    Hammer Ring

    But whats wrong with that i,ve been a righthander all my life :whip2:
  14. Slider

    Hammer Ring

    Which one is the Green lane ??
  15. Slider

    Hammer Ring

    Hey Brad love the second one , do it you will be happy you did . the bit in the middle looks like a hammer. Cheers Slider
  16. great looking track there Phil i bet it is a blast to drive , scenery great as well . maybe one day i will get down your way and check it out cheers Slider
  17. No there was more Brad i just can,t remember
  18. Thanks Brian Maybe i should see that urologist like Brad say,s it,s plain to see that i did not drive to well Saturday nite and as every track i raced on had a power problem also Brad needs to color code the track,s so i know what track i,m racing on i feel this combination of events made it hard for me to perform as well as i could have . And old JB went out off his way to blurr my vision . It,s good that we get to drop our worsts round i may have hope yet . Cheers Slider
  19. So when are we going to see the results i want to know how bad i,m doing . i have no idea what i did last night ( i mean how i went ) but it was a good turn out as far as racers that showed up so who took the photos and where are they Cheers Slider
  20. + cold weather and small bladder = :huh2:
  21. Good nite it was . The carnage was not what i thought it would be everybody got into the swing of it quick enough, more practise is the order of the day Good to see Barry racing and Adrian as well . Thanks Brad Cheers Slider
  22. Don,t reckon there is no bar fridge i wont be able to function . .... Maybe if i can remember where i put the darn esky . Looking forward to a nite of hard core racing . Rob and Andrew have not even seen the track Russell and myself have had a quick run but thats it . Brad has been trying to get us all there for so long it,s not funny ( Sorry Brad ) . Well tonite is the nite of nite,s bring it on . Cheers Slider
  23. Job well done DaveH looks the part Cheers Slider
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