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  1. hi oxroach, let me know when you put that display on i would love to come up and check it out . regards peter
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    Well i bite the bullet and got myself a truck its a GBtrack by Fly . its black and yellow with the #11 on it Continental and shell seem to be main sponsers on the truck . now how is the wife going to reacte
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    hi oxroach if you email me i let you know where i am regards peter
  4. Slider

    Scaleltric F1 Cars

    thanks oldtamiyaphile but what is the spring copper ? excuse my ignorance. best regards peter
  5. Well Wrote Jamie a lot of people can learn from that . Regards Peter
  6. Slider

    Moto Gp

    so has any body got the moto gp bikes what the story with them . regards peter
  7. by the way you done a great job of those repaints Rally i cant wait to get mine back now
  8. i got a white mustang off Jamie a while ago it is in the process of being done up as a moffat car . im not doing the job i dont have the skill or the patience to do so i have a mate here who is very clever at this sort of thing . i have being bugging him to make up some xy,s or xb falcons for me. he said he can make them out off Polyurethane resin but they would be brittle so in the mean time i keep at him im sure he,ll come up with something .when the mustang is done i try and post some pictures . Regards Peter
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    Thanks Davenic that was going to be my next Question about the motor bikes i guess that means they aren,t that good . the trucks here in tassie are for sale at $136.00 but i have seen them cheaper on the net .
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    hi all has anybody had much to do with the 1/32 scale trucks are they any good or a they a waste of money .they look like fun but if you cant drive them whats the use . Regards Peter
  11. thanks again Rally.i paid $90 for a car here i could have got off Jamie for $40 . And he is as honest as they come and im shure you and others are the same . i had dealings with another chap on ebay who to my mind is one hell of a guy due to post problems with where no fault of his he sent me free of charge extra track pieces as and apoligie i had paid xtra frieght to get parts over nite which did not happen the parts came by land so i got what i wanted and paid for a bit later then planned so he sent me xtras after the fact as well . Who can argue with that .
  12. Hey thanks again Rally im sorry if i put you in the wrong direction but when i said south island i was being a smarty bum referring to tassie . i do appolgise . but in launceston the prices are well and truly over the top i have been doing the most of my shopping on ebay . and apprecate your kind offer . sorry for being misleading. Best Regards Peter
  13. Hi All Can anyone tell me how to post photo,s on the forum Regards Peter
  14. hi charlie check out this sight it may help you . regards peter http://www.homeracingworld.com/challenger.htm
  15. Slider

    Scaleltric F1 Cars

    Thanks Bump yeah you are right in saying the other cars go well they do i have no problem with the cars i have it is only the F1 cars when i next set up track i will try your idea,s and let you know much appreciated Regards Peter
  16. can anybody give me a few tips on these cars i have the f1 McLaren and Jordan Both Scaleletric (hornby) i use a combo of scx & classic scaletric track always a different track design due to lack of space . they dont stay on the track at all handle like crud. seam to have heaps of grunt . they are box stock i have trued the tryes . would weight in the front help ? any ideas would be great best regards Peter ps ( i would have supplied photos but dont know how )
  17. great track Jamie how big and area does it cover is the track set on top of outdoor carpet or cut into it. And with the control towers can you orginise four lane races thanks Jamie
  18. yeah sounds good to me i would love to get my hands on a XY GT Falcon , Charger , XU1 torana etc any classic aussie cars
  19. great track and photo,s what size area does the track cover?
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