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    som ethings we can,t do you mean like spelling calender or is it Calendar :clap: :rofl:
  2. Slider


    Ps If we have plans for the 6th of dec i ,m out as well, so is Andrew
  3. Slider


    I just can,t make it Brad and Andrew can,t either so due to the fact i,m hosting the race i have no option other that to change it to the 15th hope i have not put anybody else out but it happens . Cheers Slider
  4. Slider


    Thanks Phil mean looking track really good would br good for a race or 3 Thanks again Phil Cheers slider
  5. Slider


    So Phil have you got photos of this old 8 laner that you speak of ? Cheers Slider
  6. Slider

    Lowndes 888 Betta Car

    I just picked up the First Rock ford brand new in box for $5 plus a few other cars as well happy with that. Cheers Slider
  7. Slider


    Thats Barrys track at elizabeth town Phil and a bloody great track it is . Cheers Peter
  8. Fair enough then ...so are you going to get rid of that wagon and buy a ford ????
  9. At least delet HIS post then :( Are you are Ford man Brad ? don,t make me change camps lol
  10. I can,t believe this post is still going it,s being a week now , it,s history . Build a Bridge :( :( Can the mods please completly delet this discussion please
  11. Slider

    Bathurst 2008

    I would say Mummy brought him a ride
  12. What,s funny is your big nose mate skaife shafted Brock and Lowndes do your research LOL
  13. I,m a bit surprised that nothing has been mentioned yet , but Friday nite we all went around to Datto,s place for a test and tune . My first impression was that it would be a bugger to drive but once i got going i found it easy to learn and quite a flowing track , i guess looks can be deceiving . May be a bit hard to Marshall under race conditions but i,m sure it will work out on the nite . overall i was more then impressed Job well done Tim you should be proud Thanks for the invite Cheers Slider
  14. So have i missed something was there a round 6 ? what is the final result for the 6 rounds ? maybe i need another drink
  15. love your version ,great work Cheers Slider
  16. No shelf Queens here if you can,t race or take them to bed what,s the point in having them :nice:
  17. So we are right for saturday nite then . 6.30 ok thats good what tucker are you putting on can you pick me up so i can drink and not have to drive . i will supply my own Beam but if you want to supply some as well thats ok . Cheers Slider :clap: PS i,m just a bit excited
  18. Maybe if we didn,t have a home and had to live on the streets . now that would be something to worry about . But a squirrell with big Nuts . :alcohol:
  19. How Dare you Bradley You just wait until tonite i,ll show you ugly ....
  20. I can see the 3 colors quite easy just from the photo must have some decent lighting in Tim,s shed makes a difference , also slots have been well painted . Take the Hint you have got about 11 day to sort it out before the big nite :redbounce: :aussie: :nice: And i,ll try and contain my drinking so i can see out of my Eye,s a bit clearer without the redness :lbluebounce: If you need help let me i ,ll get it organised for you Hey Brian what you doing Brad Needs some help :bluebounce:
  21. looking good Tim wont be far away now . When do you plan to have it finished or are you not putting any pressure on your self. Keep up the good work Cheers Slider
  22. Looks great Phil , xy,s xw,s chargers and now a Monaro how good does it get . You can put me down for a couple as well Thanks Phil
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