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  1. What i found out about Possum park was that when you first look at it you go holly crap batman but once you get racing on it it has a nice flow and one that i felt comfortable with a bit more rubber down and it will be sweet. My standard scaley p330 ferrari with standard tyre,s go so well on alpaca park that is can beat barrys cars with his tyre's and chassies such to a point that barry will drive it againts his own cars and in preference to his own . How that works i don't know . But barrys sure loves my car and just stands there shaking his head going wow Cheers Slider
  2. Barrys track ( recently nick named alpaca park )is a large track not sure how long the main straight is , flows very well has a few tricky parts in it as well . Cheers Slider
  3. I guess then in just a few words it,s like holden and ford , wood or plastic , magnets or no magnets . whatever floats your boat . But you do need to see the track and you need to be able to marshall the track Cheers Slider
  4. Thats ashame Phil have you got some photo,s . A road trip would be good i,m going back to 6 days a week soon i can,t do 8 days per week any more Cheers Slider Ps Bring back the 60's PPs hey Phil if you remember the 60's you weren't there isn't that what they say I was still sh#%ing me nappy's back then
  5. Very nice looking track There Pete I,ll pop up there when i get the chance . One would have to admit that Barry's tracks are up there with the best he puts a lot of thought into marshaling and driver view also flow. His track at Alpaca park would be without a doubt be one of the best around tassie of what i have seen. mind you i have not got to Hobart yet . Cheers Slider
  6. i've done the same down the gold coast highway back in the early 80's .... no it don't count
  7. It's funny how people say it's easy to go fast in a straight line maybe they need to try it at the speed these guys go down the 1/4 mile . if it was easy it would be called football
  8. shame it,s not the right era . Late 60,s early 70,s is what we are racing in the trans am series Sorry Dude :arggg: Cheers slider
  9. Slider

    Speeding Fines

    This has been going around for quite a few years now , i guess if it was true they would have fixed the problem . and the more this email goes around the more money they get from us, .... extra dollar off a few 100 people :nice:
  10. can,t make it old boy i guess it gives you a chance to catch up
  11. 10 jan was the last one ( 6 weeks ) and i thought i did know what day it was
  12. We are having a race saturday nite ??? very short notice i can,t make enjoy
  13. Allways a subject that gets up my nose , race what you want to race and have fun , who gives a toss... magnets , no magnets , wood, plastic , wing cars 1/24 1/32 HO just enjoy
  14. Good set there Garry . Its a must have collection if you ask me well done cheers Slider
  15. A power saw works well to do the straights thats how i done mine
  16. All of the above good stuff Keep the photo,s coming
  17. Sounds good to me just need to double check with the other half first as i may be shot . I,ll let the boys know as well Cheers Peter
  18. Slider

    Hammer Ring V2

    Thanks Brad i knew you loved me
  19. Slider

    Hammer Ring V2

    Are you guys talking about me ?
  20. Slider

    Hammer Ring V2

    Good onya Brad should make a big difference . When do you think it will be finished ? Cheers Slider
  21. Hey phil i believe there is a couple more getting done up hear shame i don,t get much time working 7 days a week makes it hard . cheers Slider
  22. Ok cool . i was not 100% sure i tend to forget a bit these days, love to see the photo,s . welcome back cheers Slider
  23. Is this the same Lad that raced at Sliderpark awhile back and then disapeared off the forum for awhile
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