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  1. I have voda phone here in Tasmania and it is crap I live on the outskirts of the CBD(Launceston) the tower is on the Myers building which I can see from my place and I am lucky to get 2 bars of reception and it drops out all the time I have to walk around the house until I find the best spot, do not and would not recommend them at all.when I am driving around for work it is worse. I could keep going but I wont
  2. Nice Work Munter also good to see the chassie that you have built. Only way to go, the plastic chassie,s always seem to be a waste of space Cheers Slider
  3. Hi Ember We have about 4 of the E type jags in our group One is done as a convertible, all 4 of these cars go extremly well,some are inline,s some are sidewinders, either way they go like demons. Also there is a couple of Austin healeys that are also up there as well. Cheers Slider[/img]
  4. As a hard top it was not that good very top heavy so i done the research to see if they were raced as a convertible and found a few that were raced. The most famous was Fireball Roberts It was a black 57 convertible. I dont believe it will beat the fairlanes and galaxys but it will look good in amongst the field. Hey Brad done most of the work myself with a bit of help and advice. \ Cheers Slider
  5. We Race mostly scratch built, The Historic Nascars are one of the most entertaining classes we have, they are a lot of fun to drive,also handle very well.I have just done the the Carrera 57 chevy (black and white version) which is One of my favorite also I have a 63 Galaxy which is superb. There is a fair bit of paint swapping as these thundering beast scream around the track.Well worth the Effort. Cheers Slider
  6. I like the number 33 camaro and find that the number 86 looks like a cheap toy but thats just me
  7. Slider

    Slotits Are Great

    Yes shane it is one hell of a track if you are ever in launceston look us up the cars and the track are a real blast Cheers Slider
  8. Slider

    Slotits Are Great

    WOW Massive Hi Jack what was the original post about ?
  9. My Ford Cooper, scratch built Chassie goes like a dream, took a bit to learn how to drive holds track record at Elizabethtown raceway standard black stripe motor Cheers Slider http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a223/sli.../fordcooper.jpg
  10. Slider


    Yep that how smallnails looks at the best of times
  11. I would be happy to buy a body painted ready to go so i can put my own chassie on it, time is something i don,t have . Cheers Slider
  12. Slider

    Forum Regrets

    WOW really I missed it maybe i need to get out more .
  13. Slider

    Work Shop

  14. yes i do it looks great . I shall ring you tomorrow and meet up with at some time cheers slider ps the under coat looks blue if you ask me
  15. Which one is the red lane
  16. Hey SlotsNZ I've been as busy as a lizard drinking water with my shop to a point of crazyness . And i gave my track away to a mate I only get out for a race about once a month Cheers slider
  17. And keep up the good work old boy .
  18. Nothing is sacred in Tassie Brad it's a small town lol . And by the way Nobody told me and I told nobody and nobody told anybody so nobody should know
  19. Slider

    Triple 8 Swap

    I heard a story that next year the V8,s series will be open to any make of car as long as it,s a V8 ?
  20. Slider

    Top Gear Australia

    Watched the show to weeks running , works for me, sometimes you just have to watch a show for what it is and stop trying to read to much into it
  21. Not a very nice looking hood ornament is it
  22. No But do you have photo,s to share
  23. I would want two . i can get a mate of mine to change the livery on one for me . $75 sounds fair for a car Cheers Slider
  24. What i found out about Possum park was that when you first look at it you go holly crap batman but once you get racing on it it has a nice flow and one that i felt comfortable with a bit more rubber down and it will be sweet. My standard scaley p330 ferrari with standard tyre,s go so well on alpaca park that is can beat barrys cars with his tyre's and chassies such to a point that barry will drive it againts his own cars and in preference to his own . How that works i don't know . But barrys sure loves my car and just stands there shaking his head going wow Cheers Slider
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