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  1. Hi Oldman. You must have a big tyre truer but I do not have one of those flash ones so what would I know. Looking forward to photos. Sounds like all the cars have arrived and you have ended with 14 entries which is excellent. Keep up the good work. Do not get giddy watcjhing those wheels go round. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  2. Hi all. A lot of tracks in Aussie run at 10 volts. I have raced in Perth at Syd's and another in Queensland track under these conditions. It did not seem to make a lot of difference enjoyment-wise. When I first used my home track for club days I ran at 11volts but have since changed up to 12 volts. Mine is a very simple figure eight however so the Moslers for example could almost run flat out which seemed a bit pointless for that class at least. On our main tracks (Bowman Raceway and Green Acres) we run at 12 volts and sometimes a bit more. They are both very grippy though. My experience with NSR and Policar F1is they handle so well a lesser voltage is not required but it might be good to start with. If slotties de-slot at 12 they may also do so at 10.5 in my opinion. Good luck with whatever you chose. Regards Charles Le Breton
  3. Hi Trophy. I have not seen the Scaleauto F1 but it is welcome to our competition. Obviously I cannot comment on how it goes. Would be interesting to see a review but Pieguy appears to have a fair idea. I found with Policar the addition of better tyres closed the gap considerably. Hobbies Plus also have I think the Nonno brand but I have no first hand info' on them either. Not sure whether they are all plastic - a pre-requisite for RTR. More input on other F1 candidates welcome but I am mainly interested in what we have already. Great to get the input. Regards Charles Le Breton
  4. Hi Hawkes Bay slotties. Very interested in your class deliberations but remember I come from 2016 NZSCA rules. We have kept pretty close to these but have also developed some of our own. Our Aussie V8 class and our still developing F1 class in particular. I am also keen on BMW Minis but some members dislike. We do try to be democratic. At a recent race night at Ian's however I raced one of my Minis against all-comers. I was never going to win but I had fun trying and I was not last after the three heats were tallied. We have generally had up to 8 classes but more recently only 6. We are getting into F1 again however and I am hoping to introduce some others - Canam perhaps. Like you though we have to be considerate to new comers so do not want too many. Do not want to get into a Christchurch situation where I believe they now have about 25 classes up from 22. Apart from 2016 like you guys have said it is also good to keep a range of car types. I would hate RTR to get into the metal car scenario where apart from F1 and Saloon the cars are all so similar apart from Open Eurosport. One advantage of only having 6-8 classes and a smaller group is we can run most classes at every meeting. I note you run only 3 classes at each meeting. With a couple of more classes under consideration we are looking at having standard classes (run at each meeting) and 2-3 variable classes if time permits. Standard classes would probably be Aussie V8, Slot-it Group C Muscle car or Group 5 saloons and Open GT. Variable classes Standard Scaly GT, Muscle car or Group 5 saloons and F1. We also have plenty of spare cars and controllers and make these available for newer members or for breakdowns. In an effort to get newer members up to speed like you have said we also do what we can to tune up newer members cars where they are struggling or show them how to do the same. I recently helped one member to straighten a Slot-it Group C chassis. He had bought from another member but it performed very poorly until I noticed it was running on 3 wheels. I have never seen one so twisted. Rather than fixing myself I lent person the apparatus and showed him what to do. It now goes great. Re Aussie V8's this is one of our most popular classes. I think I have told you what modifications we allow before. One of the reasons it is popular is the cars are all very close. Let me know if you want me to repeat rules. Another class I am trying to revitalise is F1. Previously we raced as modified Group C with an old Slot-it chassis cut down to fit a clear plastic body. They are very light (mine is 53gms) and go better than GC. With NSR and Policar generic cars coming (the great looking Scale Policar GP's I agree are too fragile to race) we are now developing a combined F1 class with rules to equalise different cars. NSR Generic stock standard (we find them fairly robust), Policar Generic standard but any tyres (we glue on front wing, Slot-it GC as aforementioned, Scaly/SCX/NInco with any motor or tyres. They may not all be the same but we have some sort of basis for developing an interesting class. Time will tell. It also means not everybody has to buy one of the fairly expensive NSR F1's - sorry Tony. Hope this is of some help. I will not comment on your class choices but agree some are close to duplications. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Regards Charles Le Breton Taranaki Slot Car Racing Club. PS. If new Thunderslot Mustang is anything like other Thunderslot cars it may not be very compatible with other Muscle car.
  5. Looks great Sports racer. Kevin will give you a wave as you flash past. Looking forward to photos of more cars. Regards Chas Le Breton
  6. Beautiful job there Terry. Mine is still a box of bits but about to start. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  7. Thanks for advice Oldman. I got the same from courier that it had been delivered yesterday so good to get confirmation. No idea how it will go on your tracks/surfaces or with your drivers as everything is so different to home. Car was also barely tested so hope it holds together. Trust you will sort MJK tyres as apart from my rally and Tasman cars they are not allowed locally. While this car has some weight I did find motor very peaky unlike equivalent Slot-it and NSR motors which are very smooth. They appear to use a lot of these motors in Canberra though so perhaps I am worried about nothing. All I can say is drive smooth and let the car do the rest. Really looking forward to this proxy as my last was a total disaster entirely of my own making. Sports Racer will know what I mean. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  8. Hi Oldman. Shaynus already posted my photo on 18/6. I am looking forward to seeing other entries/photos. I see Scalextric are about to offer 1979 Camaro Z28 but not available for sale yet. Mine is as close as I could get. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  9. Hi Peter. I also find the weight of the motor can be an important factor. Looking at F1 NSR generic it has a very heavy FX180 motor which contributes greatly to its 73gm weight. The Policar F1 with its much lighter FF050 is considerably lighter at about 62gms. Neither is raced with any weight as they go fine without. Another factor is that the NSR has a much shorter wheelbase. Both cars handle like a dream OTB with a little tyre sanding. I did not even have to glue tyres.. The NSR motor is far more powerful but I found the biggest contributing factor was the tyres. The story continues but when I put the NSR wheels and tyres on the Poilcar there was not a huge difference. Fore this reason the NSR is raced completely stock but the Policar is allowed any tyre. Does not help with the weight thing but explains some other considerations. Still interested in your graphs when you locate. Something else of interest is a little tool one of our local slotties has produced. Enable you to measure the front/back and side/side balance. You may have seen them advertised as I know he commercialised them. I just do by air but I know quite a few people found useful. Regards Charles Le Breton
  10. Looks more like a Group C with strange cockpit to me. Does it race at Le Mans. C Le B
  11. Would be interested to see graph. If weight allowed tend to put directly in front of motor and behind guide (if front lifts). Weight at back bad on NSR at least. My weighted cars apart from NSR usually have about 5-10gms - e.g. Scaly Camaro, Aussie V8's, Group C, Open GT. Our tracks are smooth and smoother. Cleaned with fuelite before use each time. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  12. Hi Oldman or Shaynus. Photo please as they arrive. C Le B
  13. Hi Oldman. The 60mm suggestion was only for cars that were that wide or wider. Would not apply to Mini. My Scaly Minis (not BMW variety) are 51.5mm and would have been limited to that. My Sierra would have been only about 54mm. If you think this is very narrow my Revell McLaren M6a Canam car is only 53mm and was really competitive in NZ Canam Proxies. Also one of the nicest drives according to proxy organisers. Never even thought of entering Mini as a bit of a keepsake from my youth. Perhaps I should enter one next year providing width limited to width of car or less. Hope you are enjoying the banter Oldman. As I have said before it is your proxy, your rules. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  14. My Aussie convict rallies were all Tassie based but many shifted to NZ later on. I do have close family in WA as well so I have a soft spot for same. C Le B
  15. Hi Sports Racer and Peter Gunn. The 5 gms is optional for the new inline cars only as they could not compete with older non-weighted sidewinder cars. Two contributing factors with these cars is that they tend to be very light and the tyres fitted in some cases are atrocious. The BMW Z4 being the worst by far. The Mercedes and Pagani may be the exception but weight is still allowed. If they start beating the Corvettes rules may change but that has not happened yet. The 5gm limit also encourages the introduction of the new inline cars. I have just repaired a Corvette axle/wheel for my little brother. I was surprised how wide it was even compared to my Bentley. No wonder they handle so well. I am not allowed any weight in my Bentley however as it is a sidewinder and already heavy enough even if rather top heavy. The new Aston Martin is inline though so it will be allowed the same 5gms weight and this would apply to the likes of the Ford GTE. Talking of weight it was not really a big issue in NZ until SlotsNZ started the NZ Canam Proxy over 10 years ago. We welcomed slotties from Aussie and some of their cars were very heavy. It caught on in at least some parts of NZ. I think it is now used too much. It is really about equalising performance as far as possible as far as I am concerned. It is the same for everybody so we are all competitive. Re proxies I have been quite successful over the years so the Touring Car Proxy which I have much enjoyed is not typical in several respects. I accept what Sports Racer says but I will continue to only add weight when required. This is just my personal view. I also like my cars to look right and try to select models that are close to scale. Wheels outside body a No No. The Bathurst 1000 Proxy is a Scaly event is it not. There have been plenty of others based on certain models brands - e.g. Scaly, SCX, Thunderslot, NSR and Slot-it to name a few. My preference is hand-built so watch this space or FB for my next Tasman Cup build. Regards Chas Le Breton
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