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  1. Hear hear Oldskool62. Agree too that magnet is very hard on cars. Non-magnet is much more fun. Once you get used to lesser grip you will never want to go back. With magnet might soon get bored with just going flat out all the time with little skill required. Just my thoughts having bee down both paths. Agree NSR F1 is great car out of box. Thunderslot are probably better but have a less powerful motor. Regards Chas L:e Breton (charlesx)
  2. charlesx

    NSR ASV Gt3

    Hi Druc. Pepsi62 is correct. Slot-it though for example and many others are M2. Regards Chas Le Breton
  3. Hi Druc. Welcome to the hobby/sport. Always good to see new blood. I like Astons too. Still have a Scalextric DB 4 from 1960's as well as NSR Aston. The current Scaly Aston is also a good runner but not in same league as NSR. We race them in completely standard form except for trued and glued tyres. Possible not needed for I have been into slot cars for over 60 years so any questions welcome. NSR grub screws are M2.5 while Slot-it and many others are M2. the M2.5 are better in my opinion but good quality M2's are pretty good. Make sure you buy good quality drivers. Thunderslot use Torx screws which are probably better still but most of their cars to date are mainly Canam based. There Lola T70 GT however is a beauty. All the best in slotting. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  4. Hi Lee. I do not disagree with Peter but you need to compare like with like. With Non-magnet Thunderslot is hard to beat out of the box. You must remember however that most NSR cars have a much more powerful motor but still need weighting to perform well. This is possibly not required for Magnet. Their standard tyre the Supergrip is very good also. The same applies to some others including Thunderslot and probably Revo Slot. Most Slot-it however only come with display tyres but are a lot cheaper. In NZ N22 tyres cost $15. The NSR 908 is a great car but is one of their Classic series and has a much less powerful motor. It does handle very well though. Hope this of some help. The VRAA Proxy in the USA was run on a number of different type tracks including Scalextric, Carrera and wood and people had no problem with different types of guide. Cannot say I like the wood guide but did put one on my Canam Proxy car because the guide mount was very high the way it was set up. I generally find if a car is set up correctly the guide depth is less critical. Hope this of some help. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  5. Hi all. Fastways in NZ is now owned by ARAMEX. Note sure who they are. They provide a good service as Fastway did previously. NZ Post is similar to AusPost by the sound of it. When they had some competition they reduced their prices to compete but since competition changed to a mainly commercial service they have consistently raised prices and reduced service so letter post has all but disappeared. Meantime package post is running hot for them and competitors. They blame the internet but their pricing policy is just as much to blame. The last package I got from USA/Slot Car Centre came Fedex but took several months instead of usual 2 weeks. Hopefully things have settled down a bit now. Regards Chas Le Breton
  6. Hi Lee. Mosler is pick of NSR cars when properly tuned but other NSR cars are not far behind. Thunderslot is probably best out of box car but Slot-it also very close with better tyres. The fitted ones are usually display only. Revo Slot cars are good out of box as are Sideways. Revo Slot now have a great range but Thunder slot to date Canam models. Scaleauto also good so there is plenty to choose from. There are probably other but this is what we use locally. If you race Carrera they are very sturdy but probably need to be raced with other Carrera. In my experience motors are reasonably low powered. They may need shorter guide supplied if running on non-Carrera track. If you are racing magnet that can be a great leveler but can be hard on cars. Have fun. Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  7. Hi Lenny/Alan. My Brabham BT3 will much the same as last 3 years or so but will be fitted with new SRP16000 FF050 motor and new PG rear tyres. I hope to also re-build the front axle mount so it will be eligible for FPR building competition. Hopefully also tidy up Stubbo's original paint job. Spec. details are as follows: 1963 Brabham BT3 driven by the late Denny Hulme (No. 5); entry country - New Zealand; body STUBBO including paint job as far as I know; chassis Le Breton with BWA motor mount; motor SRP16000; guide - Slot-it; pinion BWA; crown wheel - Slot-it; gear ration - TBD; rear tyres PG21083; wheels - F&R - BWA; Regards Chas Le Breton
  8. Hi again. You may be able to use some of the modern sandible filler but with epoxy you are basically applying a very similar product and I have used for years with no problem. Good luck. Chas Le B
  9. Can it perhaps be pinned like metal cars? My preference for longevity would be a light bracket on each side of body. Either aluminum or plastic. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  10. Hi Oldskool62. I have used 2 pot resin/epoxy with plenty of glue powder added. Good if you need to sand back. If filling holes/or cracks the same with shrink wrap pressed over it produces a smooth surface but try to not overfill. Good for repairing surf boards and boat hulls too. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  11. Thanks Lenny. Will do. C Le B
  12. Hi Peter. I have no problem with either of the commercial kits mentioned but would prefer after a couple of TC proxies entrants at least attempt a complete build. My skills are probably no better than yours Peter. Sounds like the Beardog kit might even be more difficult. Suggest next year you have a go. You can still revert to the Beardog if you have to. We do not want anybody to miss out. By the way I only launched into my original query as I thought it Lenny,s ruling affected my entry. Regards Chas Le Breton PS. Phil I am probably as young as you (75 on 4/12) but you are only as old as you feel. Sometimes about 55 but other times closer to 80. Hopefully always young at heart.
  13. Thanks Roscoe. Think we are both in the same space and probably spend a lot of time encouraging newcomers. I know I do. Spent most of afternoon fixing newcomers car. I did not start as early as you.(14-15) but my little brother was only 9. Will probably just enter same car Brabham BT3-4 but will install new motor (probably another SRP16000) and need to re-build front of chassis as I used commercial front wheel mount so it is not currently eligible for the Late FPR John's award. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  14. Hi Andyjk. Last Scaly track I built had copper tape. A very worthwhile addition. Car were so smooth. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  15. Good rule change Lenny/Alan. Sorry to be a bit pedantic but this was brought about by your initial comment. For Roscoe's benefit I have never been and never will be a rivet counter. I do not have the skills. Yes as a long time retiree (12 years) I have plenty of time for slot cars and several other hobbies and volunteer duties but that should not disable me from input to our great sport. As a 60year plus slottie is that too much to ask. Thanks Stubbo for your contribution too. Could not agree more. I have no problem with people using commercial lazer cut or pressed metal chassis kits. They are certainly a good start and capable of enhancement if the builder so wishes. Agree entirely we need to encourage newcomers. Regards and all the best to all slotties. Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
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