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  1. Good point Nonfractal, on one of my braided tracks sometimes a single thread of the braid breaks away and shorts across the slot to the other braid. This effectively slows or stops that lane. If it can't be located visually I reluctantly turn up the power to burn it off. Occasionally I see a small spark as the offending piece is vaporised. Then the lane is back to normal.
  2. The previously mentioned problem sounds very much like over current / voltage protection activating, saving the equipment from damage. It would not change my decision on what to buy.
  3. Does anyone know what happened to the slot car centre in Charmhaven, NSW, has it changed hands?
  4. Drifter

    Sorell Creek Track

    Looks great. "Always say it will be ready by Christmas, but just don't say which Christmas" :-)
  5. I wonder which is more cost effective at that size of layout, timber or plastic?
  6. Sometimes it's good just to take a break, "a change is as good as a holiday" :-)
  7. I've found that when turning down the braid at the ends it is important to clamp the braid in the gain with a scrap of timber and use another scrap to turn down the braid. This creates a more permanent 90 degree bend and reduces the tendency for the braid to want to sell straighten and lift. When first starting out, I made the mistake of laying braid under a carport on a hot day and when the braid cooled it contracted and pulled away from the corners. Lesson learned :-) If the pin in the router bit is jamming another cause can be the mdf is flexing downwards making the walls of the slot close in on the pin. Keeping the track piece well supported will avoid this. I agree, "I personally believe the entire braid will require to be removed and relaid or replaced, awaiting solution/s as I mentioned." I have done enough braided track that I don't enjoy doing it anymore :-)
  8. I had a similar experience to Yngwie, I ended up re-building the straight section to run under rather than over. It made a huge improvement.
  9. Yes there was a good turnout IMHO. It is the first time for me so I can't compare to other years. I often had to wait for people to move away from the tables so I could see what cars and accessories were on offer. Everyone was very friendly and polite.
  10. I went along today just to have a look,...…….. now I have 6 new cars!.
  11. Drifter

    Bye Bye Holden

    I had many Holdens over the years, my dad always encouraged us to "buy local" to support local industry. Sadly not everyone got the memo? I sold my last one, a 1996 V8 Ute in 2007, and haven't seen it since. That was until yesterday when out of the blue I was behind it in traffic, 2klms from where I live. Couldn't believe my eyes! ( the guy that bought it lived 150klms away )
  12. I saw this on youtube.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvwwYeDVAqk
  13. Drifter

    Blst Style Track

    Here's a BLST demo I did a while back whilst trying piano wire for braid on my old test track. This uses the LDR's.
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