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  1. I have had a bugger of a week, sick as a dog so I thought I would go down stairs to spend some time on my cars. Well the laptop keeps coming up with an error is there any way to remove a whole programme from a stuffed computer to a working on, looking to save my copy of rcs64 with some xcel records. Help please!
  2. Well ZeGas, Johnsxr8 and MIH, Thanks for the advice and I did it I have successfully chipped my A1GP Australia and Germany. I am going down to the shop in Penrith tomorrow to buy some more chips and keep on chipping . I am so happy I had a go and just took it nice and slow and took all your advice and success, man the feeling of getting my own chipping jobs to change lanes and go forward was very satisfiying, I am forever in your guys debt, thanks for the advice. I now have 2 days off from work so I think it is off to the bottleo and a 6 pack of Paulaner for me, I'll be toasting you guys for sure. EIN PROST! Brett
  3. Hi Vector Will download mate loving the RCS64! Brett
  4. Hi All Finally another post, heaps has happened since my last post last year, got the 6 cpb and some extra track and last week I finally brought my first two chips to put into my beloved A1GP cars, brought a soldering iron to use, now S@*tting bricks, never ever soldered anything in my life . Could anybody out there near Penrith help me with chipping my A1GP cars, willing to supply a 6 pack to be taught or cash if you want. I just don't want to wreak my cars, I think I would have to end my life as I know it if they got hurt, I love my A1GP cars like my children they are dear to me, so I think you can see how important is for me to be taught properly by a sensei of solder . Please help will travel to a soldering dojo if needed. Brett
  5. Probably not that rare but my A1GP New Zealand, Australia and Germany seem hard to find.
  6. Hi all, Couple of mates and myself looking at starting a Scalextric Digital Club in the Penrith Area. Anybody interested in coming along? Sorry if this has been posted inthe wrong section but I thought the club area on the forum was for already established clubs. Brett
  7. Mate I never knew this exisited, but as usual now I know about it it has folded I would of probably supported Borussia Dortmund flying the flag for the Bundesliga in Germany. Thanks for the tip on the Superleague will most certainly give it a go now. Brett
  8. Hi All Whilst mowing the lawn (man it's hot ) I thought of a new project for myself (why is my best thinking done mowing the lawn or on the loo ) I love A1GP cars but when I have them all what next, I love the same car in different livery running around a circuit so I thought I would combine my two loves in life (three if you count the minister of war and finance and the kids). Why not combine slot racing with livery's from the German Soccer League the Bundesliga . Just have to decide what car to use for all of them though, wouldn't mind Nascars as I love the look and will put the sponser and team emblem on each then give them a number depending on were they finished in the 2010 league year. My first team will be my beloved Bayern Munich here is the team emblem. Team jersey gives me my colours, Emblem on the bonnet, number on the roof and sponser on the side and hey presto new car with different colours and I satisfy my love for both hobbies. Here is the emblem for Bayern Munich http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Bayern_Munich So may have a few questions to get this project running, now need to decide on a good base car that won't destroy the budget and will be easy to get in the end I will need 18 of these, any suggestions? Feel like because it is a German Football league should be an Audi, Merc or BMW. Any thoughts?
  9. Nice mate alot of really nice detail and touches that make it superb. Only time I have put that much work into something was a world war two demo game that looked like the final scene from Saving Private Ryan. Brett
  10. Thanks guys for the comments, triggy I will get a photo of the complete field when they all come I cannot wait. Clevo that My US.com sounds great will have a look at it for sure the Australia cars are great mate and signed top draw stuff . Thanks for the links Mobbzee have to run those two past the Minister of War and Finance or sell some more stuff on ebay and hopefully get more then what I got last time for my old wargames stuff . Slotmadmac if I brought that the Minister would go beserk may be because her birthday is coming up, wish she loved A1GP slot cars like me Would love to have mine go digital and six mates around to race them would even get video of that A1Gp I miss you :( Brett
  11. Mobbzee thanks mate I will give onthefield a couple of days to look at the email I sent him and then it is off to Greece I suppose thanks again Mobbzee life saver mate, miveson yeah mate know about the others I now have 9 with the 3 I have got in the last couple of days just USA to go. Brett
  12. Well I tracked down Canada, France and Great Britian. I still need USA anyone know were to get one? Just need this car to complete the set then I am home and hosed (until it comes time to make them digital) I have serached everywhere for this car, ebay, stores everywhere, ebay has some but they do not ship here . Any help would be great, I have PMed on the field a few times but not heard from him for a while anyone know him? Let him know I still want......no don't want NEED this car to make my life complete before the world ends in December. (That's how bad I need this car ) Regards Brett
  13. Thanks heaps guys, feeling addicted already and I haven't even raced a lap yet , I cannot wait. I think I will go with the basic package with SSDC software and extra track for Hockenheim (love that track). Ian thanks for the reply mate, will be in touch once I am ready (if you still offer the service) fingers crossed. The best I can equate it to is this: A mate of mine once built a new Harley from the ground up. He added all the bells and whistles to this bike, custom forks, lowered and raked it, custom paint even a custom seat. However he used $80 tires to finish the job, neadless to say a broken arm and a few broken ribs later he realised the complete package would of been worth waiting for. Now to sell my Wargaming stuff and convince the Minister of War and Finance that this is something that our family needs to continue to exist as a family Brett
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