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  1. Alexis, how do I make payment for the entry fee? Can't find it mentioned in the above rules unless I missed it.
  2. Thanks, Phil. I have also found a webcam not giving consistent results for lap timing due to its sensitivity to lighting conditions. But we have used it for Refuelling "In" and "Out" with PC Lap Counter and have not had any issues due primarily to the fact that the car had to slow down and be stationary when it reached the Hot Spot. We used the webcam because it saved us the bother of physically installing sensors in the track. With Webcam Zone Trigger, all I had to do was use the software to mark out the 2 Hot Spots per lane to run a command when activated by the car. OK, will give it a go on SF or maybe even contact Dave direct.
  3. This is a repeat of a post I made in another forum. Hope I can find some help here: I seem to have come across a rather odd issue with RC. In the past where I have used Ultimate Racer and PC Lap Counter with WebCam Zone Trigger, both software provided facilities for configuring usage for either Lap Timing or Refuelling Pitstops and all I had to do was to select the correct command. But when I chose Webcam as the Track Interface in RC and clicked on Configuration, it came up with an Error Message: "WebCam Interface does not need configuration within Race Coordinator" Maybe someone can tell me how RC knows what I want it to do with the webcam as I am completely clueless as to how to proceed. I want to use the webcam for initiating and ending Refuelling Stops in analogue racing using the Hot Spots of Zone Trigger. I am using RC Ver
  4. I guess the ex-CEO of PB has been hit with the realisation that this is a "FREE" world after all !
  5. Alan, please add me in for this one. Not too sure about bodyshell yet but will take #6 Thanks.
  6. https://www.dropshots.com/chenglaw/date/2017-10-16/16:22:52 Well, time really passes fast - 4 years ago. 2013, I was in Perth, having some slot racing fun with the guys of WASCRG. And now in 2017, I was back enjoying the hospitality of those same friendly racers who did their best to make me feel at home. Thanks to Syd and his bunch of merry men and gal, I had a great time racing on, not one, but 2 tracks this time. Also thanks to Peter, Mickey and Andrew for getting me to and from the tracks. Driving the cars very kindly loaned to me by Syd and my own ones quickly showed up the differences between the two types. Syd's cars, which were set up for their wood tracks were smooth and easy to drive with the right amount of grip. Whilst my own cars which were set up for racing on our plastic Scaley Sport track at home, proved to be a bit of a handful, slipping and sliding round the turns. And my insipid driving did not help either. But, no matter, I had a ball of a time renewing acquaintances and enjoying the camaraderie bantering that went on during and after the racing. SO, ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL AT WASCRG !!!! LIM
  7. It looks like PhotoBucket is out to get rid of users from forums who are freeloading off their system. I received this message today: WE NOTICED THAT YOU HAVE BEEN USING PHOTOBUCKET FOR 3RD PARTY HOSTING* PLEASE UPGRADE TO A PLUS 500 PLAN. I signed up for free about 10 years ago and have, on and off, been using them to host pics which I post on the forums. Haven't had much use for them lately, so was rather surprised to get their email. I don't have that many pics stored on their site, basically only those which I post on the various slot forums, so not really worthwhile to upgrade. Don't really think too much of their dumb excuse to get $$$ from users who had signed up for what was touted to be a free service.
  8. " Those pesky Grandkids have been at it again " Yeah, and they are leaving Gramps hobbling along on crutches!!
  9. Hey Phil, it looks like you are going to be upstaged by the Grandkids again this year! It's only Round 2 and you are already 26 points behind.!
  10. I think the current format of allowing to race whatever you can conjure up works well. I have never had any real issues with scratch-building a car even though the finished result is no work of art. I enjoy experimenting and trying out different ideas to see what works and what doesn't. That said, I'm not adverse to building up a car from a kit chassis and have done this with the PPL as well as using the BWA front and rear brackets. Both types of construction should be allowed to race side by side as it allows the not-so-experienced builder to test his skills against the old hands and learn and progress from there.
  11. Hi Alan, thought I'd better let you know now rather than later - I am taking time off from proxies for this year, so, regretfully, will have to withdraw my entry from the Tasman Cup 2017. I hope to be back again in 2018, refreshed and with a more competitive car. Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  12. My under-performing Hussein Dodge returned home today, all in one piece, thanks Alexis and also for the useful bits and pieces. Now for a post mortem and to figure out what to do for the next one. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!
  13. OK, thanks Peter, will take a look at getting them when I need new motors for the IPS.
  14. Agreed, Alexis. Plain overlooked the M/T as I have never used it or seen one in this part of the world, but if you say it is comparable and easily available, then it should be on the list. It is too late to make rule changes for 2017, so any mods will have to take place only from 2018 onwards. Peter, yes, sure there are many factors affecting our cars currently and I'll be one of the first to acknowledge that. But that would be mostly to do with quality of build and setup which can be addressed with experience and diligence. But my point is that sourcing a critical part of the car should not be a "Mission Impossible" the way it is now!
  15. This will continue to be a perennial problem so long as the rules are such that, of the motors allowed, only one or two are of practical use and if these are unfortunately from an unreliable source, then players will be held to ransom. Of course, it will be pointed out that there is a free choice of other eligible motors but when these others lack competitiveness, is that a real choice? We need to recognise the dire straits which a lot of the proxy entrants find themselves in when trying to source a competitive motor for their cars. For them, right now, it's either get an almost unobtainable BWA 030 to have a realistic chance of winning or get one of the others and be resigned to be an also-ran. And that is not my idea of competition. Do we want to continue down this route or should we review the list of eligible motors and specify more realistic options? As I see it, the main criteria for the IPS motor is medium low power and affordable cost. The BWA 030 meets those criterias, so we can keep it on the list. Looking around the Net, I can see the following which can comply with those specs and yet may be more readily available internationally : 1}SRP S-Can Power16 Motor 16000rpm 12v Can & Endbell-Drive Ref : SR181P41600X and if we are prepared to up the power stakes a notch to 18k: 2)OSC Motor M1 18000 rpm Ref : OSC-RM0101 3)Pioneer Standard Motor 18,000rpm Ref: P00260 4)PSR Mabuchi Motor 18.000rpm Ref : PSR-AC4 The way I look at it, inspite of the growth in popularity of this proxy, with the current situation of motor availability, it won't be long before everything grinds to a halt and entries start dropping off due to frustration - there are only so many times you can reuse a motor and the ones which I have are nearing the end of their competitive lives. I am aware of the old adage, "You do not fix anything that is not broken", but the signs are there and if we continue to ignore them, the eventual fix may come too late.
  16. "-#11 veeery tippy" Alexis, there must be something weird about #11 if it's very tippy and yet can post a number 2 qualifying time with 6 deslots! Any ideas about its unpredictable handling? How did you manage to keep it in the slot and yet go fast enough to get that time?
  17. The biggest surprise in this round, I suppose, has been my Hussein winning concours which was totally unexpected, given the quality of the field. However, I'm really glad it's managed a win which is a tribute to Phil Kalbfell's Tassie Resins who provided the bodyshell and to my very old long time slotracer friend, Phang Yuen Loong of Birmingham, UK who spray painted and decaled the body. The 3rd place finish in the race is, I guess, the culmination of its improving form over the last couple of races - how and why, I honestly do not know! But whatever the reason, I am happy it's happened and I hope it will hold for the last race in Greece.
  18. Would the Merc or the Aston be eligible for the Tassie? I thought the series is only for the 1.5L F1's and the 2.5L's which ran in the 64 - 65 races. They would be OK for the VRAA I think.
  19. Thanks Phil. One more word ..... Birdcage Sitting on the bench still waiting for a slack person to do the windscreen mould! I have roughed out the screen mould. Hi Phil, if you are doing the Birdcage, can you please mould an extra 2 for me? Been waiting for a long time to build up one of those. Also when you have the time, how about a Lotus 23 or 19?
  20. I'll be back with the Green Rattler (hopefully less noisy this time around!) and number 33 again.
  21. Pardon me, Alexis, but I think you have updated the Registration List in SCI, not here.
  22. "Interesting Lim...its vintage now you know." Yeah, and so am I !!! I might have a go at resurrecting it when I've got some time and the inclination, but it's going to need a lot of blood, sweat and tears!
  23. That sky blue Harvey Aluminium Special of Mickey Thompson's at the back of the grid had been on the top of my wishlist when I saw a photo of it on the cover of Model Car Science back in the 60's. Never ever got round to getting my grubby hands on one as I was (and still am) living in a country that's in the backwoods of slot racing. The closest I ever got to owning an Indy slot car was when I built my own Lotus 38 by mating the front end of a Supershells BRM P58 with the rear half of an Airfix Lotus 24 and powered by a K's Mk.1 in 1965. Still have the car but sadly, the bodyshell is now in half a dozen broken pieces due to the deterioration of the plastic over the period of 50 years.
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