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Got my first taste of slot cars back in 1963 after a good friend showed me a copy of "Model Maker" which had an article and report on slot racing in UK.  Being a bit of a nut for fast cars and speed at the time, that write-up really got me going and my friend and I decided there and then that we must have a slot car track.  The fact that we have never seen one in the flesh didn't seem like a deterrent!  Whilst we were deciding on how to build our track, I wasted no time in sending off an order for cars, controllers and power supply transformer from UK, so that we will have our cars ready to run by the time we finished building the track.  Did we get the track built? Yes - but that's another long story.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, we got going in early 1964 and after mucking around, we found ourselves pulled in to help the formation of a slot car club which the padre of a local Anglican church was keen on setting up. We got the club goimg successfully and had a thoroughly enjoyable time racing our little 1/32 cars until the advent of commercial racing with 1/24 cars came into the picture around mid 60's and everyone was swept into the slot racing mania right up to 1970 when the bottom fell out of slot car racing and all the commercial centres went bust  Since that time, I've been involved in RC car racing from importing and running the first RC car in Malaysia in May,1972, setting up the first RC car club in the country and organising Malaysia's first International RC Car Grande Prix in 1980.  I stayed with RC cars right up to 2004, having run the gamut of the various scales - from 1/12 and 1/10 Electric to 1/8 Gas and then finally 1/5 Fuel until I finally called a halt to it in mid-2004 when I got back into slots again.  Well, it's been a long big circle but I'm finally back to my model car racing roots and I guess I'll be sticking around for a while or until I can no longer hold a controller in my hand!

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