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  1. been a while but have finally made some more progress on the track! https://www.dropbox.com/s/pd5cx40exore7er/20150712_150033.jpg?dl=0
  2. good ideal i have a syringe lying around , will give it a go
  3. Alright before i go nuts is there a better way to paint the groove other than with a brush because it is useless to try and do it with a brush!!! Was thinking of just buying a cheap $20 air brush kit and doing it that way??
  4. Old Erowal Bay NSW, moved over here about a 1.5 years ago before that i was in windsor gardens in adelaide and use to run at t birds.
  5. What are peoples recommendations on paint? No one seems to use ferradore anymore. Been looking at paving paint as this is what is used on the brabham track at t-birds (2015 nationals track). Only thing is there is so many different kinds. I want something that will be smooth plenty of grip and road colour and also i like the look of rubber being left on the track! any suggestions on brand and type? I am a little overwhelmed in what type or brand to get!! also do i need to put on an under coat first?
  6. Have made some progress last weekend! Working out really well just have to recut the middle peice as it all matched up nicely flat but by the time you put the berm and elevations in, it went out of wack a little but an easy fix. All up it is 4m x 1.5m and comes apart in 2 peices nicely!
  7. Mr postman came today with my Arduino uno board!!!!!! I followed the instructons from race cordinator and setup the board as per instructions. At first it didn't work and i started to question myself if i had got the right sensors but then after a bit of googling i found that i hadn't set the com port right in the track setup! Once i changed that it all worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cheapest setup ever and can do 4 lanes apart from the old computer i had the setup only cost about $30. I have attached a photo of my bench test setup using the mobile flash led as the light bridge and just waving my hand through the light simulating car passing! thanks guys for all your help!!!
  8. Awesome stuff just found the file! will let you know if i need anymore help! your a legend!
  9. great thread here guys! I am currently getting the peices i need to make a timing system: - Ardunio uno (in the mail) - 3 x Jaycar ZD1950 Infra-red receivers - 3 x Jaycar ZD1945 Infra-red LED transmitter - race coordinator - Computer with usb only. What i need though is a wiring diagram for the ardunio and recievers and does race coordinator load the right codes for the ardunio or do i have to somehow program the ardunio before i use it?? your help will be much appreciated! peter
  10. Looks awesome andrew cant wait to make the trip and pick it up! Top Stuff! peter
  11. thanks, look forward to picking it up on saturday!
  12. Hey guys going to build a track for myself with the Help of Andrew. It will be a slow build but hope to have it finished this year. So post will probably be far and few between. At the moment i am only at design stage. Have attached a pic and some of you south adelaide boys might recognise the design as i am pretty sure it is a carbon copy design of Neils little track. Still have dimensions to work out yet but that is where Andrew will work his magic. It is a fairly simple design and Will be a 3 lane routed track with 110mm lane spacing to allow 1/24 to run better or should it be 125mm?? I have a double shed and this will go in one side (6m x 3m). Anyway will keep you posted on the build. peter
  13. Went to extreme trax yesterday to check it out with the daughter. Great venue felt very welcome, loved the upstairs tracks. Purchased a new controller while i was there, now i have to get a few cars ready oh and build a track to drive them on!! Really l;ooking forward to getting a collection again this time i wont make the regret mistake of selling everything!
  14. Thanks camber for the invite! Got any footage of your tracks you race on? Also just wondering what classes you run that way i can build the right cars for the classes you race! when i did race back in adelaide my favourite class was the Slot it, Group c with shark 20 motor. absolutely loved my Martini lancia, spewing i sold all my gear!! peter
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