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  1. Bet he aint cheaper than me. But for ongoing supply Crafty Computer Paper takes some beating. http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/category/Decal-Paper
  2. Got that, the paper is on the way today, Wednesday.Keep in touch. Should take about a week or so to get to you. Post here from NI is faster than rest of UK because we are oppressed. Or something like that......
  3. Hi this may be a help or a hindrance. Some time back I ordered a new batch of decal paper from my supplier of several years service. I got the same results as you then the next sheet chewed up inside the printer and killed it stone dead. Its a Samsung CLP-315. After some discussion the supplier agreed to compensate me which paying for a replacement printer of similar quality which I located on ebay. They agreed that they had changed their supplier and hadn't done sufficient testing to ensure it's quality. I still have the replaced printer and located a new supplier on ebay for paper which all worked fine. Sounds to me like a clear case of shortcutting. I have now stopped printing but I have a number of sheets of both white and plain still here in my stock. This paper is from the newer supplier and I am sue it's fine. I am a long way away but if you e mail me with your address then I will send you a sheet of each foc for you to try. If you are interested we can come to an arrangement over the rest if you want it. Happy to help always had lots of help from you guys, regards Chris
  4. Not just a super moderator.........just super.
  5. Its been a lorra lorra fun as Cilla might have said and it's not often we get to feel this good.
  6. I bet yous guys are missing me this time around. But not much.
  7. Good luck everybody tonight Australia will enter the Eurovision song contest for the first (and last) time. You are a bit far away for the block voting syndrome, Greece will vote for Cypress and vice versa, Latvia will vote for Lithuania and Estonia, Russia will vote for Georgia, Serbia will vote for Slovenia Germany for Austria etc etc. Expect a big vote for Oz from the UK. ...................Most coming from Earls Court. Stay up and have fun. Anyway good luck and try not to take it too seriously. I'm told if you do win then someone within Europe will become a surrogate host for next year. Guess who.
  8. chrisfromcrewe


    Best wishes to you and yours Ember.
  9. chrisfromcrewe


    Yeah I get the drift. As always with postal charges costing the earth the simpler and lighter the better. Crystal cases have always been the norm but they are heavy and sometimes unnecessary. The old Carrera cases for example were a total waste of time. Speaking up for white versions, the car doesn't need to be assembled as the first task is then to disassemble. Far better for the chassis and running gear to be complete with the body separate and the rest of the small parts in another packet. Slot it had the right idea. You could be painting within a few minutes of receipt. Which for an addict was the only way to go. Scalextric never got it right. Ever. Another Pioneer Dodge. And some nice Pioneer Mustangs. Bit corney those two. Still looking for the other Chargers I did. Such a nice car to work with.
  10. chrisfromcrewe


    I think I had about 6 of those ace of spades cars. I'll look through my mountain of images and see what I can find. A white version if this car would really be worth a try. I did get some white Scaley Chargers and had some fun with those. Not as nice as yours though. If you were to do white kit cars then why not try a clear plastic bag with card top. You don't even need to assemble them. A bit retro, early Airfix kits were like that.
  11. chrisfromcrewe


    Hi Jules. I've a confession to make. My name is Christopher and I am addicted to painting slot cars. Well I was until I went bog eyed. The peepers are holding up but not good enough to produce this sort of simple but effective work. I was hoping you might let me know where I might get a good discount on the yellow Camaro. I've cleared out all the rattle cans etc so starting again would be a major investment. Here's one you missed. And this was my number 64 car which was sold just before you commercialized it. Wouldn't sell it now. If you want some more good ideas then why not try a Ford Galaxie. Great car and loads of liveries possible. Or there's always your own personal transport. the Jules Mobile. You'll need my new address for the discounted Camaro please pm me. Kindest regards Chris
  12. chrisfromcrewe


    Some happy memories there boys. Happy holiday.
  13. Keep looking they all fit in. Well most of them. George makes a mold of parts which don't always apply to every model. Some versions have a surface filler cap others fit below the body. Not too bit a deal to work out which is which. Fabulous cars either way.
  14. Still no boobies, must be past bedtime now.
  15. This thread gets longer than " name that car" where's this years boobies buddy. Have a good one.
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