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  1. Thanks Matt, appreciated
  2. I'm struggling with this. Does anyone have any tips on this? I've googled and read but no worky.
  3. Correct and yes. I have now had it working in a race once. I'll report back once I try again.
  4. Hi Ade, Yes to all that. I'm not sure what you mean on your last question though.
  5. Yeah Matt, I'm hearing you. A simple race now isn't so. My issues are with SDCC I'm sure it's me, it's just not a very intuitive or flowy program. So, I just ran a race in digital, no issues, except the whole setting up thing, man what a pain. So, in analogue mode I can run 2 cars in free practice, in a race, I can not. Any tips?
  6. This program is killing me, in a GP event, in analogue mode, no way can I get 2 cars to run! Aaaaargh!
  7. Yep, works perfectly with the original display connected.
  8. Hi Guys. As above. The track is working on digital. Analogue, no. I switched programs to Ultimate Racer3, analogue seems to be the default and it works straight away. Any ideas please?
  9. I bought 2 plugs locally for $0.75 c each. Fixed and I have a spare plug.
  10. Just to report back on this. My APB was replaced under warranty (on the spot). The new one runs without fault. The cable arrived today, I'll be updating the firmware asap.
  11. no beeping. I'll check the other things now edit - it worked fine at 75% power and was only .2 of a second slower per lap versus '100%' I've disconnected the base, I'm taking it in for warranty. Interestingly after I plugged my pb4 back in it seemed to highlight how poor the other base was performing. In short, it seems to work better and smoother.
  12. Car is running well, braids are good. I will calibrate the controllers tomorrow. The issue was detected on a scaley gt40 I have removed my 2 half straight starting grid pieces and put 3 full length straights before the pb. I also added a piece of cardboard under the piece next to the pb. Since I have done this there has been no missed laps in a race. Just the pace cars. I have tried different controller, car and port combos, the common denominator always seems to be port 1. Just to clarify, it's like I'm getting max power at 70% throttle. So if I swoosh past that with the trigger I don't get full speed. What would setting port 1 to 80% achieve?
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