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  1. Pretty poor form Brian, Sorry to hear about that but to spin it in a different way and kind of look at the bright side you now how an excuse to shop for a new one! Soon you will be racing at my joint and the only issue you will have is trying to get yourself unlapped old buddy!!
  2. I'll dust everything off Pluck... Infact I've cleared one side of the garage out now and bought a ping pong table so the plan was to set up a few lengths of my 4 laner to give my cars a run.... Seems like a lifetime ago when we let our SCX Nascars out in anger for the last time at WSMCR
  3. My attention has been caught! Any progress with this?
  4. lu05ke

    New 3 Lane Track

    Very Nice Chas, IMO I would have a crack at some scenery... It might just put your track over the top
  5. lu05ke

    Slotits Are Great

    Thanks Chas, I had it down to 2 cars, I like the new Sauber with the Michelin man on it but the wife prefers a Tic Tac 962, either way the cars sound like winners!
  6. lu05ke

    Slotits Are Great

    Top photo, I love the reflection of the car underneath. Speaking of Slotit's, Wife owes me a new car and thought about picking up a Slotit Grp C, Anyone got a personal favourite out of the numerous ones you can purchase?
  7. Hey Brian, just checking up on all the stuff I have missed while being away, sad to hear about your incident and wishing you a speedy recovery bud.... cant wait to see you back in action spamming my facebook
  8. Just got back from the states but bagged GT5 as well as some other games and a Ninco 4 Laner to start the slot room off..... Mrs only just realised how big it is lol
  9. Hard bodies like they run down the gong and ran a few years back at the nationals.
  10. Good choice Brian and for another suggestion MJK Nascar, Plucka and I are looking for a reason to add some of those to our collections.
  11. Cant beat the brushless cars can ya Smallnails? Here is my rig...... Traxxas Rustler And my charger..... Venom Pro Charger Not many cats are tempted to come by when this thing is out the front lol.
  12. He smiles at the mere mention of my name Tony :aussie:
  13. Lipo Battery for starters, put one in my Traxxs Rustler, thing is an animal, clocks over 100 clicks when I can keep the thing in a straight line. (might have to get the quick cut saw and cut myself a few slots in the road ) Lipo lasts me about 1/2hr flat stick running and takes about that to fully charge. Just remember when not in use to store your batteries at half capacity to avoid damaging any cells. RC's are great fun, even more when you can con a mate into buying 1 too, thats how I got sucked in, My mate pulled his out in the pub carpark after we downed a few cold ones and after about 5 mins running into things I was convinced to buy 1
  14. lu05ke

    Armchair Racer

    I dropped in this arvo, first time ever as its a bit out of my way but got lucky seeing I had to go to St Leonards to drop a tender in. New tracks look nice and should supply some great racing!
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