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  1. wow that looks awesome vince, track looks great.
  2. hey thanks guys but coppertaping isnt really an option, as we're not sure if the current track layout will be our final layout and yeh my dad wasnt too keen on the option. How much is a small sport analogue set? but as i asked before will the controllers and transformer from the digital base work on the analogue base?
  3. Due to continuous problems with the scaley digital system and not being able to find a solution (and wanting to be able to run other cars) we're considering converting the track to scaley sport analog. To do this do I only need to buy a sport power base? And will the digital transformer and controllers work with the analog power base or do i need to pick up new ones of each? Cheers guys
  4. Hey guys We've had a scalextric digital track set up on a wooden table indoors, and didnt use it for a couple of weeks and then we started to use it again and it has been having some issues. Yesterday we changed the track layout and nothing has changed. Sometimes the cars take off at full speed, and other times they just stop, and don't go again unless we lift them off the track for a few seconds and when we place them back on, it runs fine. it also seems to happen a lot more at high speed. Today my grandfather used the track, and driving very slowly nothing went wrong, but when I took it for a few laps all the issues came back and i couldn't go for more than a lap (less than 20m) without the car cutting out. We've tried all 6 of our cars and it happens to all of them,soI'm guessing it could be a problem with the digital system itself, possibly from the powerbase? I know that was a bit of an essay but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. sounds great can you purchase cars and track parts for a cheaper price than usual? eg. a would a car that would normally cost $60 in store, cost more or less? i think i might have to come and visit this auction, sounds exciting
  6. My dad and I have just started construction on our scalextric track we're putting in the study, because right now it's on the living room floor. We're making a table 4.2m long by 1.2m wide that folds out from the wall, and we'll design a track accordingly from scalextric digital track parts, buy the pieces, lay it out, and decorate it with scenery etc appropriately, I'm really excited about getting it together for some good times. If you have any building tips or recoomendations I'd love to hear them, and I'll post progress pictures along the way, but right now there's nothing to show as we've only cut some of the frame components to size. Cheers :nice:
  7. bazzamitch


    since i've spammed this thread up enough i figure ill keep going, im lucky enough to be going to hornsby slot cars this afternoon (formerly waitara i believe) tracks look great, cant wait to give it a whirl
  8. Wow that looks great, Ninco do such a nice job of their detail.
  9. bazzamitch


    how unfortunate for you ember, its a great shop, amazing collection of cars, tracks and accessories, awesome place, and Im so glad i live only about an hour from it, as painful as it is going into the sydney CBD and the lane cove tunnel etc its 100% worth it, I could spend all day there! and some cars people were racing there were amazing, there were 2 maclarens that were ridiculously quick and their drivers were really good fun times
  10. bazzamitch


    No worries, all is well Me and my Dad went down to the Armchair Racer yesterday which was really really good, I hadn't been there before. We bought the Audi R10 and raced it on the large track there, I got 6.472 on the purple lane (is that any good?) and we also got a chip so i converted it for our digital track at home, great fun its so much faster than our aston and alfa, so much more grip and lights look fantastic
  11. bazzamitch


    Hey guys just another question, slightly irrelivant but since you guys have been answering my questions in here so well i thought i'd ask Im buying a car from T-Bird's online shop and it says it can take paypal, but when checking out it says to send billing info etc, what do I do? should I contact them or continue? thanks
  12. bazzamitch


    yeh very true, are the GTR's out yet? and if so where could I find one? (online or in store, in blue mountains/sydney area)
  13. bazzamitch


    ok thanks, just another question, do each brand have their own conversion kit or do most brands not follow digital? As i saw some very nice carerra and ninco cars etc
  14. bazzamitch


    ok thanks for your help Also was wondering if this car and this chip would be fine together to run on digital? http://www.tbirdslotracing.com.au/itemdetail.php?id=1818 http://www.tbirdslotracing.com.au/itemdetail.php?id=1790 Im trying to find something suitable for my dad, and I saw that the audi has magnatraction, im assuming thats what ive read about, the magnets at front/rear that help it stay on the track? sorry for my noob questions haha
  15. bazzamitch


    oh ok so they arent actually digital, shame there arent that many digital cars on the market, after looking around quite a bit and if anyone has driven a drift car, are they ridiculous? like do they drift too much and change direction when you dont want it gto or are they actually a really good option?
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