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  1. I'm happy for the cars to stay & finish this Proxy,& I don't care how long it takes.Covid has turned the world as we knew it upside down.I'm currently down with the dreaded desease but will be clear to unisolate on Saturday. I can't imagine how hard it is for Paul to organize each round,but the main thing is to keep everyone safe & wake up above ground each day Cheers Jimmy
  2. Thanks Peter for providing your great little track for Rd 6 & a big thanks to Paul & crew for great driving & video. Congrats to podium with some very quick cars just ever so slightly off to pace but all could change next round with a field this close. Cheers Jimmy
  3. Thanks Paul,Matt & crew for running this round,congrats to the podium. Great vids Paul really shows everyones car in action,curious about the windex spray bottle on the track,was that to clean the drivers glasses & the computer screen Cheers Jimmy
  4. Thanks Paul & helpers for putting on the round 4.Special thanks to Alistair for providing the track. Looks like Rd 3 wasn't a fluke & my Megane is showing some consistant form,fingers crossed it continues. Cheers Jimmy
  5. Thanks for the run Paul & helpers Congrats to Lancelot & Dave P on their well earned podiums & a fine 5th to Sticks in a very good car that is getting better all the time. Nice to see the comparison to last years car so all my retuning is going in the right direction,new lighter trick chassis,New set of MJK's & 1 tooth off the pinion. Don't rush the next round Paul,let me celebrate for few more days,I don't get to do it that much but win loose or draw I'm going to have a nice glass of Red tonight Cheers Jimmy
  6. As I grow older my eyes are getting worse I use a trick that a mate used at a National event to check the number of teeth,he takes a picture with his mobile phone & blows it up.Too easy Cheers Jimmy
  7. Well said Paul,I think some people are in Proxy racing for different reasons to me.I personally love building slot cars & it's a bonus if a group of guys want to go to the trouble of racing them on 10 different tracks ,doing video's & reporting on how each car goes just shows their passion for the hobby. My cars are very different to the competition & is a challenge to compete with them,some of my best slot races have been sitting in front of my computer watching a stranger drive one of my cars & if they give my car a compliment then I'm a winner. Keep up the good work Paul,really appreciate all the time & effort you put in to this Proxy. PS I'm a bit worried about Sticksy,I think the air might be a bit thin up on his mountain retreatDo offs get factored in to the Einstein equation Cheers Jimmy
  8. Thanks for the run guys,really enjoyed the Vid & comments from Andrew & Paul on everyone's cars performance. Now the hard part trying to find more speed,is it motor or gearing or both?
  9. Thanks for that Gary,great era in Aussie motorsport & brought back some very good memories. As a young teenager growing up in the '60's my dad used to take the family to a lot of motor race events. I remember sitting in the back seat of my dad's Austin A60,stopped in traffic on the Hume Highway queing up to get in to Warwick Farm when a flat bed truck was creeping past in the Right lane with Geoghegans Stang on the back Hot day window down so I did what any teenager would do,reached out and touched the Left rear tyre. Next time I seen it was an hour later coming across the Causway heading down Hume straight towards Creek corner,full song Although I was a tragic Holden man I've always had a love of the mighty Stangs & always will Cheers Jimmy
  10. No thats not a Plafit upgrade,my scratch build from a sheet of 1mm Carbon fibre,a lot of trial & error. I've got the same Chassis motor combo in my Bob Jane Camaro that raced yesterday in a Trans-Am Proxy in North Caroliner & had some very positive feed back from the drivers on the Facebook vid. Last years Megane chassis was all PLafit but I decided to loose some weight as last years tyres gave up with 2 rounds to go. Cheers Jimmy
  11. While we are waiting for the rest of the field to arrive I thought I'd show you whats under the bonnet of my Megane. Every time one of my cars returns from a Proxy I can't wait to get my hands on it as usually it has not done what it was expected to do.WIN So rather than send back a looser next year I set about changing the set up,1 because it wasn't good enough & 2 because I like to fiddle,some times I don't improve a car but with Proxies you have no idea of the tracks to be raced on for the best set up,just rely on some feed back & a bit of video. This year I've been busy trying to remove weight from my Plafit chassis from all my proxy cars,so with my trusty hacksaw removed the front half of the brass base plate & replaced it with Carbon fibre also making new H plates & guide tongues.While I was there decided to make the base plate a sprung unit similar to my 1/24th GT3's that we race locally at the Bullring. Also tried replacing the springs with silicone washers & this is still a setup in the developement stages but shows some promise. All up the Carbon parts have saved around 10 to 15 gms but I could find a few more gms if I got serious.I've tried to get the Yellow dogs to work but all my MJK tyres have been better,also lost a tooth on the Pinion hoping that will get the Plafit Pointer honking a little bit better. I think that motor in Bov's car is one of the new Predator 22K donks from Slot Car Corner in the States,I'm trying a few at the moment & are looking very promising. Here's my baby Cheers Jimmy Here's my GT3 for North America this year
  12. I've been using Post image ever since Photobucket went silly & have never had any problems with it. https://postimages.org/ Cheers JImmy
  13. Hi Paul hope you are feeling better. Please add me to the list for another series,Renault Megane but this time with my new chassis & new boots that hopefully last the 10 rounds. Cheers Jimmy
  14. Hi Paul Hope your recovery is going well,& the bride didn't catch you chasing the nurses around the ward. My car & the Captains arrived home safely,my tyres were stuffed & explains the poor performance in the last 2 rounds where it dropped 5 laps in each round from the earlier rounds on repeat tracks Maybe might considder running less rounds or less laps next year to allow cars to be competitive the whole series without repairs mid proxy,how did every one elses tyres last Cheers Jimmy PS Got hold of your latest x-ray.
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