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  1. Thanks for the run Paul & helpers,good to see the Captain have a good result with the little bit of help he had i'm sure he will return next year much wiser with his build. Love the track & there wasn't much time for the drivers to have a rest with a good combination of corners sorting out the better handling cars, Congrats to the podium & again well done Sticks. Cheers Jimmy
  2. Thanks for the run guys,great vids & good to see some cars getting much needed attention to make them competive.Keeps it all low key & friendly I went up to Sticks place to do some last minute testing on Ferradore before the start of the Proxy & his car was nice to drive. With Proxy's TYRES are critical & was good to see him get a some new boots to keep him interested in the rest of the series,watch out next year when he gets serious. Cheers Jimmy
  3. Thanks for the run guys,looks like you are enjoying these cars,congrats to the podium & ArroldN for his first win in the fastest Taxi in Aus. Thanks also Paul for the vids,fun to see our cars in action & highlights how hard it is to win a Proxy with all the different tracks & surfaces to tune a car & be consistent over many rounds,love a challenge Cheers Jimmy
  4. Thanks for the run Paul & friends & congrats on another win with Mr Gunn keeping you on your toes. The Frog continues to improve on last years results with 2 laps more & 87.77 laps would have placed it 3rd last year just in front of Rossco Cheers Jimmy
  5. Thanks for the vids Paul,The Megane looks to be behaving it's self fairly well thanks to the MJK's' This year it is doing 4 - 5 laps more than last year & lap times are also improved. Bring on Rd 4. Cheers Jimmy
  6. Thanks for the run Paul & friends,this is a very tight Proxy, in the middle group where one lap can mean a 3rd or a 13th,kind of like a lucky dip. Congrats to the Podimites,bring on the next round. Cheers Jimmy PS Any vids Paul?
  7. Try Postimage.org — free image hosting / image upload,never fails for me ,I've been using it ever since P Bucket went haywire ,much quicker & reliable just like my Megane Cheers Jimmy
  8. Thanks for the run Paul & helpers. Happy with the Meganes result & if it continues to be a top 10 place will most definately return next year with much LIGHTER Plafit chassis. Happy with the Plafit Pointer motor & with a trip to weight watchers should liven up the Frog. Bring on Rd 2 Cheers Jimmy
  9. Track all running well with some grip making life a bit easier but I still like 10 volts & is tight enough to get your attention,12 volt might be too scarey. Computer hook up soon & then she's done jpeg upload \ Cheers Jimmy
  10. Finally got around to posting some pics of my NSR F1,coulden't wait for the factory Marlboro livery so got some of Patto;s peel & stick decals & painted my own. images to upload Car is sensational & is very close to set up straight out of the box,just needed a few tweaks. Cheers Jimmy
  11. Hi John Going through the same life thoughts myself at the moment & struggling to get my race face on.I've been full on racing for 27 years mainly 1/24th Plafit & Vintage scale & more recently Slotworx at the Bullring Shellcove & before that X-Treme Dapto & Hornsby where I have many great memories & thought nothing of driving 2 1/2 hours to race on a Friday night getting back home at 1 am & getting up at 5am to work in the old days Basically lost interest in national & enduro type racing,not a good traveller & love my own bed too much. Just finished my new track & can't be bothered to set up the computer which is a simple process as it's left over from my old track & should only take a couple of hours to hook up. Not sure if my lack of interest is Covid,old age or just had enough,still enjoy building & still doing some Proxies but the big crunch will come if I ever start to sell off some of my better cars,that time hasen't arrived yet but is on my mind. Any progress with the VK mould yet John,I think I've got just enough energy to put a good scratch build chassis under it. Cheers Jimmy
  12. Sad to hear Rossko,hope to see you back with us when you think the time is right. Cheers Jimmy
  13. Hi Paul Put me in for another painfull run with the Renault Megane#21,with a better set of tyres this time hopefully to grip up on the Ferradore. Cheers Jimmy
  14. Have a few contenders in mind just have to tune to do a lap,their that ugly they were put in the bottom bottom draw Cheers Jimmy
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