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  1. Track all running well with some grip making life a bit easier but I still like 10 volts & is tight enough to get your attention,12 volt might be too scarey. Computer hook up soon & then she's done jpeg upload \ Cheers Jimmy
  2. Finally got around to posting some pics of my NSR F1,coulden't wait for the factory Marlboro livery so got some of Patto;s peel & stick decals & painted my own. images to upload Car is sensational & is very close to set up straight out of the box,just needed a few tweaks. Cheers Jimmy
  3. Hi John Going through the same life thoughts myself at the moment & struggling to get my race face on.I've been full on racing for 27 years mainly 1/24th Plafit & Vintage scale & more recently Slotworx at the Bullring Shellcove & before that X-Treme Dapto & Hornsby where I have many great memories & thought nothing of driving 2 1/2 hours to race on a Friday night getting back home at 1 am & getting up at 5am to work in the old days Basically lost interest in national & enduro type racing,not a good traveller & love my own bed too much. Just finished my new track & can't be bothered to set up the computer which is a simple process as it's left over from my old track & should only take a couple of hours to hook up. Not sure if my lack of interest is Covid,old age or just had enough,still enjoy building & still doing some Proxies but the big crunch will come if I ever start to sell off some of my better cars,that time hasen't arrived yet but is on my mind. Any progress with the VK mould yet John,I think I've got just enough energy to put a good scratch build chassis under it. Cheers Jimmy
  4. Sad to hear Rossko,hope to see you back with us when you think the time is right. Cheers Jimmy
  5. Hi Paul Put me in for another painfull run with the Renault Megane#21,with a better set of tyres this time hopefully to grip up on the Ferradore. Cheers Jimmy
  6. Have a few contenders in mind just have to tune to do a lap,their that ugly they were put in the bottom bottom draw Cheers Jimmy
  7. Tracks a goer,only running 10 volt at the moment,12v would scare me too much Experimenting with track prep trying to get all types of tyres comfortable as I have a big variety of cars & tyre combos & I hate shelf queens. MJK's are very good,NSR super grips are getting there,foam are working good on some & not so good on others,I think some of them just need a good clean as most haven't had much run lately. Track is tight & suits 1/32 better than 1/24th,with a couple of thousand laps I'm getting used to the tight corners & not as worried as I was the first few laps,having some grip certainly helps but I don't want too much. My 1/24th Nascars are the best of the 1/24th group which makes me happy as they are my favourite class. Cheers Jimmy best free image hosting Plain & simple under the bonnet what fish can i put with a betta
  8. Hi Rosco Just a little tip on your wheel machining,With many hundreds of wheels behind me & many mistakes,I found the best way to drill out the axel hole is to do it last before you part it off & use a small centre drill to find true centre then use the double drill method,where the first drill is .010" to .015" smaller than your finish size,the second drill [axel size] only takes minimal material & acts similar to a reamer. Also all my Outside diameter turning I use a 2 mm wide carbide insert parting tool,there is not much load cutting ally & saves a lot of time. Cheers Jimmy
  9. Here's my track update,all painted & routed,bottom braided & bridges refitted ready for their braid tomorrow. Best part of a Slot car track is all the storage room underneath,but the bride still thinks I've got too much crap Cheers Jimmy food on sawmill
  10. Lest we Forget linda lavin net worth
  11. Hi Paul Tom used selfie mode on his phone to record,easier to check if everything is working ,might have limited room at rear of phone to see whats going on. Cheers Jimmy
  12. With so many members of Auslot in the field thought it might be cool to share the Vid of Rd 7 Qually in Calgary Canada. Might be the only slot racing in the world at the moment so a big thanks to Tom for the time & effort put in during this Pandemic. Race will be this weekend with Tom's son the other driver,with each car having to do 8 mins minimum & 27 cars to run should have a very healthy hand shake at the end,just won't be able to use it. https://www.facebook...30492164034367/ Cheers Jimmy
  13. Scratching around looking for pics of my other Can-Am's & latest builds couldent find a collective pic of them so was a good excuse to do a photo shoot on my new track. My favourite all time Can-Am is the Yellow Vic Elford McLaren,although it's a Lexan body we have learned how to make them look as good as a plastic kit,in our Australin Plafit Championships where the concourse points are added to race points to determin the winner. marimo moss ball plant grab n go Cheers Jimmy stay safe all
  14. Hey Chris looks like the Proxy's aren't the only thing we have in common Here's a pic of some of my 1/24th Can-Am rebuilds. Cheers Jimmy
  15. Love the P4's Mac,ordered a Policar body & chassis from the Chair last week,as much as I love building my track I can't wait to get back to car building. Cheers Jimmy stay safe all.
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