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  1. rhino-aus

    Grefhurst V2

    Just got home from having a run on grefs track :D What can i say but ........ Bloody Awesome Well done mate.
  2. rhino-aus

    Grefhurst V2

    That would be cool , hope he gets well soon .
  3. rhino-aus

    Grefhurst V2

    Great work Ian opps i mean gref lol just need a new grefhurst sign
  4. rhino-aus

    Grefhurst V2

    Looking great mate , well done on the build !!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Big Easy, Hope you had a great day and Tracy and Jess spoiled you, see you tonight for some slots and drinks :D :D
  6. happy birthday big dick, hope you had a great day mate . rhino
  7. Happy b'day Rob Dog hope you had a good one , sorry we wont see you tomorrow for the next V32 round
  8. rhino-aus

    End Of An Era

    When do we start the new track , beer,hammer and screwdriver ready.
  9. Ill be there for sure , had big e around today he showed my a ruff sketch of what you might do looks cool
  10. Sorry for the late reply ,but it definately was a great nights racing and well done to Rob,Shane and Dave. To those who cant hack the pace HTFU arrrr only joking , its a great format leave it as it is i say ! Anyway thanks Shane for organizing and Dave for the trophies and also Peter for the great venue see you all againn soon i hope .
  11. rhino-aus

    Woodbrook Valley

    Nice work dick glad you decide to save the track , its one of my favorites V32 tracks
  12. rhino-aus


    LOL yep i would say your right on the money there
  13. rhino-aus


    I found some old channel 9 footage and have taken a screen-shot of the crash into the barriers hope to print it out on some photo paper and make a plaque like eagleby said. should look cool.
  14. rhino-aus


    Not really an update on my track but i acquired a new item for the slot room. Its a F1 rim from Alex Wurz Benetton he crashed into a wall at Monaco in 2000. Got it from a bloke who brought it from a F1 collector in England . Thought it would look cool on the wall here.
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