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  1. thanks Phil, turned them around and did the trick.I always thought the long leg(+) would receive from lower number pins so there you go.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, using Race Coordinator and laptimer2000.Ok will try what you suggested tonite.I thought the long leg went to number 10,11,12,13.Thats what seems strange, the pit sensors work wired that way.Ill double check tonite before too many beers.Thanks
  3. Hi all, wondering if anyone has any ideas on this problem. I got my pit lanes registering but not the lap sensors. 2 lane track with pits zd1950 sensors with matching tx the laps count with a normal switch and when touching wires together just not the sensors. all of the ir tx trigger the pit sensor, so they all work im using a db25 with pins 10,11,12,13 resistors are on the negative leg of the sensor, would not seem work the other way I will try tonight swapping sensors to see if theyre buggered, but I doubt it, theyre new.Seems strange that 2 would be buggered both on the lap count lanes.
  4. ozquad44, yea i got inox now every thing is sweet best fun ive had in a long time.I was gonna wait for the new one but then wasnt sure if it would be delayed so i decided on a c7030 and got PBPro/SH mod done by MIH.By the time i had funds to get the mods done the new PB was out and it would have been cheaper but im still really stoked with the final product.I copper taped cos my track is second hand and the rails seemed pretty bad.Its only a small track but great fun.Ill post in the new tracks shortly.
  5. i dont have any mates now that ive gone to digital:) Na i can seriously see the potential in ssd.I need to adapt as i have gone back to scaley sport track i really miss the routed but the routed digital didnt work like i wanted so i got back into scaley sport.I got 2 clc & 2 xlc plus a couple of hairpins.All up the track must be about 14 metres long.I started copper taping it last night hopefully finish tonite.
  6. Hi i just got my PBPro/SH set up.This is awesome however i was wondering if there is an easy way to set pace cars. Last night i successfully had 2 pace cars on there own ID at separate speeds while i was racing,but i found that to get them going i have to plug into each ID run the car then pull out the control while at speed.I thought I read in the manual that if pace is enabled on an ID when the control is unplugged it would run but they dont unless i "run start "them. Just hoping I could put the cars on the track and they go without plugging in and running them. Is there an easy way?
  7. fosinator

    Go Karts

    My mate found a go kart in a hobby store a while back(lucky bugger).I know there not super strong but i just want 1 or even 2.I havent seen them anywhere online.If anyone knows where i can source a couple let me know. Cheers.
  8. Well i decided to replace my slotted in plastic lane changers with wood as i didnt like the metal rails or the thin slots.Should have done this in the first place.Sorry crappy iphone pics. I extended the pin that goes into the flipper as the solenoids will be sitting lower routed out so the sensor board sits flush Hot glued the solenoids on Hot glued a pin on for the flipper to pivot power for the flipper screw into place ready for a touch up with the ferrodor All good practice.Ive decided that if the digital is as good as everyone says,which im hoping, Ill build another track but just two lane digital and pitpro.
  9. yea a couple of weeks ago i had a few nights of dreaming about Lane Changes, couldnt get them out of my damn head,I was building at the time.Amazing how the lane changes would work their way into a dream:)
  10. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    Kenny, Some 1 lane sections would be awesome .My mind goes into overdrive thinking about track designs.I love blank mdf,a pencil and a rubber. John, I wish i had fiddled with plastic digital before jumping in but like i say i got the bits now, hopefully ill have no regrets.Worst case scenario is ill build another track and thats not a bad thing.I chipped a decent car last night so when th PB comes back ill see how it runs.
  11. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    Love the action with 3 lane analogue racing but i have to say im getting doubts on the digital.Im sending the powerbase off tomorow for PBPro and simple H mods.I hooked up the digital just to see it all working but i ve only got a crappy digital car going so that stopped a lot of the wow factor.I think this track will end up being "The Digital Test Track to See If It Worked".The important thing is ive got all the digital bits to build another one where i would plan the lane changes a lot more carefully,and also just mount the sensor and flipper,and not the piece of track.But I'll see what happens when the powerbase comes back and ive got some decent chipped cars running.
  12. fosinator

    Gisborne Track

    looking really good squeeze
  13. yea awesome alright .He loves my 1.32 stuff,cant get enough of it,the other 3 kids not that keen.
  14. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    Started some scenery last night.Some mates coming tonight for a race session should be good. the 'dip'
  15. My youngest is 3 today im just about to put together his micro scaley set.Hopefully be a bit of fun for him.
  16. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    yea MIH will let me know when hes got the bits unless theres anyone in oz that does the simple H and PBPro mod.Im going to mount a screen in between the windows in the photo above.for easy viewing.I'll try the solder tomorow night. I think when im finished wiring it should take 10-15 mins to swap between digital and analogue 3 lane.Be quicker and easier to have a series of switches but not quicker and easier for me to figure out how it goes.
  17. Looks awesome dude:)I reckon six cars would be a blast.Have you tried ghost racing yet?
  18. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    I tested the lane changes tonight and after a bit of a panic i realised i need heapsof power taps, Just wondering how do other slotters join the wire to the tape?I drill a hole,poke the wire through and tape over it but i can never get it very smooth.
  19. fosinator

    Mt Panorama Track

    It is a fun project building tracks im sure youll get lots of enjoyment out of it.
  20. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    COOL!!! I did about 100 laps last night(or was that 300)Very pleased with how it races.The slot in bits of digital track have amazing braking power with magnets but only on those sections so i can powerslide all other sections if i want.I love the split second quietness? as the NSR gets light going in to the dip then again as it comes up the other side.Cant wait for the digital!!
  21. nice looking setup there miveson.I just got my 3 lne analogue/digital routed track up and running in analogue only which youre right no mucking about cars on and go but im really looking forward to the digital.It should take about half hour to convert between the two.
  22. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    yipee tested all three lanes ...Awesome!!the dip goes off,flat out with scaleys gets really light but sometimes a bit of air,the NSR would launch through the wall flat out!I tested to see if the analogue power would hurt the PB or lane changes but it doesnt.Interesting that the screen lights up with throttle. Cant wait to get the PB mods so i can mount the sensors and enjoy some digital racing. Wondering can i use scorpius controls and chips and race mates using SSD controls chips and PB?
  23. I bought an NSR Mosler from tbird when i was in Adelaide in march.I said "ive been looking at these for a year are they any good?"The guy said "you wont be dissapointed". best car ive ever had full stop.I got a few slotits but my Mosler is king.The guy was extremely helpful in regards to setup tips i just wish i could have stayed a bit longer and run on the tracks.
  24. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    i started scraping then found a small wire brush did the job a lot quicker.Layed 1 lane last night and its still stuck down this morning so hopefully ill get it all layed by tonite.might aim for wiring up analogue tonite.Im not even gonna hook up digital till ive had it modded.Not much point i wouldnt think from what ive read if it only pulls a couple of amps.
  25. fosinator

    Ssd Routed

    just picked up some black back tape tonites job is to scrape the ferrodor off where the tape goes.I found some plans for a tape laying tool so maybe it wont take me 5 HOURS!!! to re-lay the tape.
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