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  1. kitmen

    Scale Car Garage

    Thanks Gary! John
  2. kitmen

    Scale Car Garage

    Please join me as I unbox future projects here at Scale Car Garage! Any and all comments are more than welcomed! Thanks John
  3. Ember, thanks for the post, I have some horses as well, I just have to find them. Perhaps they can keep the cows company. K1W1, I should put one in the front yard behind the wall! This would explain the cows running away from the house! Thanks again John
  4. I found two Britians' cows I have which were given to me as a child, so I added them to the scenery to see how they would fit in. I think they fit in quite well, so it looks like they are here to stay. Any and all comments are more than welcomed. Thanks John
  5. Thanks everyone for the great comments! Mohawkk, I have found some photos of the build of the track and have posted them below. I will have to take some photos of the track as it currently appears once the additional scenery work (yes, more to come) is done. Ember, thanks very much for your post. Trust me watching my home city NHL hockey team this year certainly was a waste of time! I should have been building slot cars and scenery instead! Graham, thanks very much for your post. I hope to one day come close to your level of artistry as demonstrated with the work you have done on your track. My wife actually bought me some VW campers she saw on her way home from work! She also bought the scooters and couldn't stop! I have enough to do a 1/32 scale version of Quadrophenia! Here are some (old, messy room) photos of the track's build: Thanks again John
  6. As my NHL team played themselves out of the playoffs, I thought that I would do some scenery work on our track as not to have an evening that was a complete washout. Here is the work I did on the back straight of our track. An overview of the park: The work done last night: Any and all comments are more than welcomed. Thanks John
  7. Waytofast, thanks for the very kind comments! They are very much appreciated. SlotsNZ, I like to make slot cars that are as close to being a model of the actual car as possible. So if the real car had a front engine, the slot car will also have a front engine. The same goes for a mid or rear engined car. That being said, front motor cars can be made to handle quite well. This car is very nice to drive on our track and looks the part of a '60's SCCA type of racer. The coupling for the drive shaft is insulation from speaker wire. It works very well (better than springs) and is very inexpensive. When building the chassis the drive shaft is alligned while inserted in the bushing (which has previously been soldered to a brass holder/bracket), from a "donor" motor in place to the motor shaft end and the bushing/bracket is held in place with a small alligator clip. The drive shaft is carefully removed and the bushing/bracket is soldered into place. Once cooled, the allignment is checked. If the allignment is off then the process has to be repeated. I hope this helps. Thanks John
  8. Yes please! Feel free to PM me for any questions or purchases. Thanks John
  9. Thanks very much for the very kind comments! The pit crew are $8.00, plus shipping, for a set of five unpainted figures. I am quite overwhelmed with the response with respect to "Denise". She was created as a "one off" just for this car. The carving can be seen below: I don't know if it is noticable in the photos, but the helmet and goggles are created as separate parts from her head. I will have to make a mold of her and get casting as she seems very popular! Thanks again John
  10. stargate_SG1, I look forward to seeing your build! John
  11. gazza, I think you're right! Lucas (the prince of darkness) may be to blame! Thanks for the great post. John
  12. Here are some figures I sculpted of a 1950's - '60's pit crew. My apologies again for the lateness of this post on this forum but better late than never! The figures have been cast and available to anyone who would like to purchase them. Unpainted: Cast and painted: Thanks for looking, any and all comments are more than welcomed. John
  13. Phil, thanks for the kind words, great to hear that you got your package I hope you like the figures! Ember thanks for the post with the photos. Our daughter loved the one of Denise "staring down" Innes! John
  14. I thought I would post some photos of a TR-4 racer I built which were posted on the other slot car forums. My apologies to those who may have seen these images before. The chassis: Body on chassis: Body painted: Assembly and completion: I made this car for our daughter who wanted a female driver so we decided to do a tribute to Denise McCluggage. Any and all comments are more than welcomed. Thanks John
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