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  1. Those Sprintcars look pretty cool but I'd still prefer actual Stock Cars. I'm starting to think one of those could be modified to look more like what I'm after though. hmmmmm
  2. Before I moved to Aus 20 years ago, I lived in the UK. Every week I'd go stock car racing. Man....do I miss it big time! Non contact Sprint Cars just ain't the same Anyway, I so wish there were some of >> these << available as slot cars. They were my fav stock car class. A field of these would look awesome About 30 years ago, scalextric actually released 2 cars although they looked really crap. These were the first cars i'm aware of that had 360 guides so u could spin around and go the other direction. I had one called "Fender Bender" and there was also one called "Stick Shifter" Out of interest, I was wondering if there are any specific cars or type of racing cars you'd really like to see as slot cars.
  3. My son came inside last night and said "dad, the car won't stay on the track. It's all wobbly" Anyway, after going and taking a look, the small circular guide mount has snapped off the chassis. I figure it's too small and would take too much hammering on corners ect to try and glue it back in place so I assume I need a new chassis. It's a Supercheap Holden commodore (51 Murphy) car that came with the Bathurst V8 set. Anyone got any ideas of where I might get one as I guess it's unrepairable. I can't seem to find a part number or anything on it. Cheers
  4. Ninja

    Junior Driver Aids

    When our scalextric was set up on the carpet, my 8 year old son would play with his mate from up the road. I simply banned them for a week if they went stupid. Seemed to do the trick. They looked at me so guilty in silence even if the car had the slightest off!
  5. That tunnel is still there but has been shortened. It's also only straight underneath so deslots shouldn't be a problem. BTW, here's a mock up of the tunnel and bridge entries.
  6. Here's the track layout on a board. We didn't want a long skinny track but also needed access to all points so the kids can get derailed cars. That's when I came up with the idea of a Z shape. All corners can be easily reached and it still doesn't take up the whole garage as I need to get the car and kids bikes in ect. Anyway.... Getting the layout on the board. ...And after i got the track temporarily supported so we can check how it runs and if we like it. Nothing is actually permanently fixed yet but we're happy with the layout. Now comes my nightmare of making it look half decent.
  7. Following on from my 'introduction post' Just started working on this so not a lot to show really. It's just for me and my 8 year old son to mess about on so don't expect the detail of some of the tracks on here. (Probably more due to me being a complete novice and not having any patience to speak of) As long as it looks a bit more realistic than racing on a bedroom carpet, that's good enough. Anyway, I'll start with the track plan. It's a modified figure 8 with both lanes identical in length. 14M per lane. Only 33mm off but thankyou scally for being a bit flexible Parts list. ----------- Scalextric Sport Straight C8205 19 Scalextric Sport 1/2 straight C8207 8 Scalextric Sport 1/4 straight C8200 1 Scalextric Sport power supply 1 C8217 1 Scalextric Sport curve 1 C8202 6 Scalextric Sport curve 2 C8206 22
  8. Ninja

    Hi There!

    Hey guys. A new member to the forums from Perth...northern suburbs. Anyway, I used to have a ton of scalextric when I was a kid. It was never a permanent set up but I'm sure a track got made pretty much every day. The memories got me thinking my son might like it, so xmas before last, we got him ( read me ) the V8 Bathurst figure 8 set. It was only set up on the carpet in the spare bedroom but it was very limited space. One of my mates came up and after a few drinks and having a blast around, he called me up a week later and said he'd bought the F1 version of the same track. Six months later he was going away and had no where to keep it so I grabbed it off him for 100 bucks, doubling my circuit and cars instantly. Just after that we needed to use the bedroom so the track got put away in the garage.....until now. My son's been pestering me for months to set it up so I decided to clear out a back corner of the garage and mount it on a board. That's how I discovered this place...looking at pics of tracks ect. Seriously guys, been looking at the pics of your tracks for a while now and am amazed at the detail of the scenery ect. Awesome stuff! I just wish there was more 'how I made' info about. I've only just started work on my set but I'll post a few pics in the 'members tracks' Cheers!
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