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  1. Awesome night's racing Mario, thanks for having us. The photos are always great Gary, where's the one of your crack though?
  2. You are right the shape of the rear is different but the wing looks quite bulky still and runs out quite a way past the bodywork. There's still a lot of overhang but the body is to the newer slot.it method and is 5 or 6 grams lighter than the old. There's every chance it will be a slightly less taily version of a high-tail Porsche.
  3. It looks better in the flesh than I thought it would. Slot it are doing the chrome, silver and gold finishes extremely well now. The Rebellion Lola looks phenomenal. The bodies are also becoming much lighter with a lot less material in them.
  4. Thanks for getting them up so quickly Jason. The fastest laps seem to be incorrect though. There's no way Chris or I got near a 5.3 when no other laps of ours were within 4 tenths of a second of the fastest ones. I can see in mine that the lap next to my fastest lap looks longer than normal so time has been taken from one lap and given to another. It wasn't on Yellow so I think we have a problem with lap timing and should delete the fastest laps. I know John van Dyke will be interested in this as it might be related to the power supply rewiring. Thanks for hosting another good evening, Hopefully everyone will be back for more weigh-in fun next month.
  5. Thanks jason, Jim, Cathy and peter, Another great event that was much closer than the last two. The visiting teams especially were a lot closer and a couple of them could have taken out the win but for some misfortune. Jason and Nigel should really have won it but for a broken lead wire (right above the guide). I understand Nigel stripped what was left of the wire with his teeth to get the car running again! Camber's setup with the new black long can motor looked very quick, that motor may end up being the new motor to beat if the cars can be made light enough to be legal with an offset pod. Looking forward to the next one and having the competition get even closer.
  6. Sounds like the SCX class went well on its first go.
  7. No "point" making you run a pointer; JJ flogged us with one of those last time. All the Armchair regulars improved a lot with their Plafits last night just by having a masterclass in driving them. We'll be on the pace pretty soon but it won't be easy to beat Jimmy. Thanks for the hard work again Jason, I don't know if you know, but the google docs have restrictions on them meaning you will need to grant access to every person who needs to see them., Might want to see if there's an option to make them publicly available or you'll have a lot of extra work granting access to people. Also the timing system is looking much better, sounds are pretty good but we could get rid of the beep for each car each lap, better to have a sound only when something special happens?
  8. Big up all racers! Jimmy and JJ: thanks for coming, hope you'll come back next year. Luke: fantastic video again, will be looking forward to a longer edit. Jason: Really great work promoting the racing this year. It's made a huge difference to our enjoyment on Tuesday nights. New blood, old blood, bad blood; it all works. Unfortunately your car builder's engineering certificate will be revoked until you can get your screws to stay in (PVA in posts works a treat) I liked your camera work too, the shots where you've filmed the cars in three parts of the rack consecutively look great.
  9. Nice work Luke. How about you mount the camera to my plafit chassis next round and get some onboard footage?
  10. Nice work Luke, can't wait to see the full length.
  11. Thanks for your work Jason getting these results up (and your creative accounting with the slot it leaders table). Look forward to seeing the video Luke, I'll give you a hand next time to get some footage while you're racing. Yes John van Dyke was well and truly on fire, the final race of the year should be a good one.
  12. You did do really well Mario! I put some pictures of the event on he discussion thread. Daphne is loking decidedly second hand. I put two coats of Testors Dullcote on her but it didn't seem to offer much protection. At least now I can give her a thorough thrashing in club racing without getting upset. Planning an RAN Seafury for the next paint job. Pictures of Damaged Dullcote Daphne coming soon.
  13. Some photos from Enduro 2. The event was held in a good spirit and it was great to meet a few people for the first time and others fo the second time.
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