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  1. Thanks for that tip off. I was just about to blow a weeks beer money on a 1st production example. Saved. Jules
  2. Crikey! Choc-icetastic. Gareth, if you ever decide you can work for the minimum wage + a lucky dip into the broken parts bin every Saturday morning, please call me. Jules
  3. Matt, I think you posted your reply just as I hit send. With regard to Nick's black Camaro, I'm baffled by that. It could be a freak. I've snapped in 10's of 1000's of axles and have never thought "sloppy". I would be very interested to see that axle. Jules
  4. 'GAS41T', we may as well air the problems here. Please make a list of "so many problems". You'll be helping me. I need to know. Currently, we are at noisy/binding spur gear. Nick, those rear brass bearings are precision drilled at 2.42mm dia ( + or - 0.01 tolerance). The rear axle is precision ground to a dia of 2.38mm ( + or - 0.01 tolerance). Therefore, in theory, the maximum 'slop' you would get should be no more 0.06mm. It would be awful difficult to say that was sloppy. Having said that, you might have a freak axle. I have to say that, in 7 years, I have never heard of this problem before. Did this Camaro come straight out of a factory sealed box or had it been around the block (meaning meddled with by another club member before you got your hands on it)? I can only think you have non-Pioneer parts in that Camaro rear axle. Just in case you were not aware - we offer a pretty good 'sort it out' warranty service. If you are ever unhappy with any element of a Pioneer model, I will get it fixed. Jules @Pioneer
  5. Considering 'nico87' has a similar problem then this could run deeper than just being a Charger issue. I'm off to batch check the axles. 'nico87' - when you say ".....the bushings in the camaro.......was slopping aroind real bad and were stuffed"...........Do you mean the bushes were moving in the snap-fit or the axle was sloppy inside of the bushes/bearing? Front or back? Jules @Pioneer
  6. .....and to continue...... I have never been perfectly happy with the spur gear fitting method - basically an interference fit onto a splined portion of the axle. Essentially, we have to force this on and the margin for error is too great. We shall be moving onto a plastic spur with a screw fitted boss asap. It's on my urgent list. Jules
  7. Matt, I'm sorry you have an issue with that gear mesh. I have seen this before, particularly on the very early General Lees. I suspect that the axle is not true. It may also be a fault with the spur. Anyhow, please send me your address and a new rear end will be sent off to you today. Jues
  8. The petition to hold another referendum has now been analysed and only 400,000 of the 3 million 'signatures' are actually UK residents registered to vote. In addition, 39,000 of the 'signatures' list their home country as 'The Vatican'. That's either a Pope 'Spambot' or an act of God maybe? Jules
  9. Super duper job, KK. Must get some more of those Mustang kits into circulation. Got all the bits, just need to package them. Jules
  10. I was waiting to see if they dropped the Javelin. Apparently not. Yet. Jules
  11. Thank you for the praise, guys. Much appreciated. That car will be a tough one to top. Nice review here: http://www.dukescollector.blogspot.co.uk/ Jules
  12. I say this in my frame of mind that really, really wants Scalextric to continue to be successful...... "Apart from the deeper guide; on so many levels, what a load of nonsense. Scalextric have gone barking mad". Gawd, I hope I'm wrong. Jules
  13. Ember, I am looking forward to what you come up with on your 'Uncle Jesse's Farm diorama set. Here's a side-by-side of the Pioneer vs. Scalextric. They are both orange. Jules
  14. Thank you Peter. I'm pleased you are having fun with the model. The rapid sales figures have been astonishing - it's quite difficult to cope right now. We are on 24hr production trying to keep everyone happy. Here's a set of images for you:- Jules
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