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  1. Hi If there is any left ,i would be interested rgds pete
  2. Hi Count me in Mainly resin kits. Besides I am sure their are, a lot of interest from non scratch builders(kit builders) out their that love reading what other members have done Look at the slot mags ,they always have sections in them of scratch building in one form or another all the best pete
  3. PETER B

    Maserati 4Cl

    Looks great well done
  4. Hi Instead of winches, go to this website http://www.slotraceshop.co.nz/ And look at his routed track layout, he made his first layout tip towards the wall, a neat idea rgds pete
  5. Wow,they look great, some closer shots would be great, love this era of cars well done
  6. PETER B

    Nsr Ford Mark Iv

    Hi If anyone is interested have 2 unrun NSR P68 cars for sale, yellow one with red stripe, and white one with a red stripe(boxed). I have been trying to advertise them in your for sale area for ages without any joy If interested let me know rgds pete
  7. Hi Everyone thanks for your help, just spent another hour and half trying ,got page done twice after resizing pictures onto add ,and as per usual ,timed out and lost add. Its a bugger being over 50 and stupid when it comes to these things. I have no problem putting items on ebay ,problem is i don't want to. I have a huge list of items i would love to offer everybody ,but alas i cannot. Perhaps i will list 8 items at a time, and i can email the picture if some one is interested rgds pete
  8. Hi I would really like to offer cars ,etc. for sale ,but everytime i try putting pictures in ,when i check preview post it either rejects it or its a mess. I have tried several times using photobucket without success, need help --in a very simple format please rgds pete
  9. PETER B

    Slot Car Collecting

    Hi Mark Good article, well done,. Great looking collection The only comment i would have is WOW, has the slot world gone mad or what. Are they ALL over producing or is it because we have a lot more new manufacturers on the market? I feel of late a bit over whelmed by the sheer volume, for instance SRC, Ford Capris, they have been out for what roughly 12 months, they have already produced 13 cars, including specials We now have Fly producing Slotwing, Slot it and Racer with Polistol and Sideways, I love Fly and Slot it cars , but I am starting to say NO, because I am heading for a divorce if I don't. That might seem harsh, but I have collected Stamps in the past, and seen what happened when the bubble burst(post office over produced and people could not afford to collect anymore so they dumped them). Same happened to Card collecter's. I really hope it does not happen to slot cars All the best Pete
  10. Page 62, Pommie Slot Magazine issue 1, MATRA 650 LH
  11. Hi They look great Munter . Looking at some pictures In a Matra Sports car book i have ,my guess would be model 10E is a Matra M650-01, the model 30E is a Matra M670-02 and the last one with no number is a Matra M670B. i hope that is close If you make any duplicates for sale ,let me know, especially the Model 10E All the best Pete
  12. I recently won a McLaren GTR UK Slot Festival car from a French Ebay seller , it was on sale, World wide . I won it for a about 35 GBP, which i thought wow thats a great pickup, asked for postage , he came back with 50 GBP for postage for one car. After a fair few emails going back and forth, I contacted Ebay, asking them to fix it, they ended up doing nothing.He kept the car,and I ended up with nothing The moral to the story, ask for postage up front before you bid. Then the seller cannot change it because he didn't get what he wanted. I have bought many cars from overseas , a lot of people are not aware of postage prices, and it helps if you can guide them. I have saved alot of money giving sellers both in the USA and UK , samples of other purchases and postage.You can always cut and paste.Most sellers are really good ,but you ocasionally meet a real crook All the best Pete
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