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  1. It is always our intention to make the invitational truly an invitational event. The first was run with little publicity just to see if we could do so and also to create an annual Chch event. That event was very succesful and won by John Hoogs. The organisers have had very busy lives with house rebuilds and other such things so it is unfortunate that notice was short. We found that Queens birthday was only 2 and a half weeks away when we decided that we would run the event. Last year ran so well that we just repeated the rules ans classes from the previous year. Be put on notice now, that next year we will be running the garden city invitational again. Queens birthday weekend 2016. More comprehensive rules will be drafted soon to hopfully cover all those questions that we all take for granted at club level. We have found these meets an awfull lot of fun both to run and play, and while we are sad to see such a prostigious trophy go to the west coast it just means he has to come back to defend his title. Thanks for doing the write up M.M.
  2. Hi. I made the panels and that all that's needed. Actually for safety sake you need a 4P2T switch in case some one leaves both controllers plugged in. I use a double pole double throw at home on my test bed because its just me. Will do a diagram soon
  3. further south the skope classic http://www.canterburycarclub.co.nz/index.php?option=com_jevents&task=icalrepeat.detail&evid=157&Itemid=499&year=2014&month=02&day=01&title=skope-classic&uid=880952578a7f72c9b397f91fc1ea0ee9 then easter here http://www.highlands.co.nz/Calendar/
  4. Making Dust Are You sure thats right Come on Dad i want to race
  5. Ok so now i have the biggest pile of jig saw bits ever for me. Compacted sawdust with interesting groove in one side
  6. I spent an hour and a half tonight with the routering people getting a smooth racing line for the track. I am hoping that by next Friday we will have the boards cut so that we can do the next thing.spent some time getting transitions smooth and also making gutters wide enough. We are progressing.
  7. Its still in storage but we have to find a new place to store it.
  8. Once we have a base we plan to work on an approach that means we are first second third and forth in every division. I think tanks,guided missile launchers and oil slick dispencers were mentioned at one stage in our discussion
  9. I think you got the direction of payment the wrong way
  10. This is a picture of the design so far 1/320th micromachine scale
  11. SlotsNZ has encouraged me to post something here about our new track. First a little history. We are the club that the aforementioned has refered to us as CMRC based in sockburn Christchurch. We used to race out of the same premisis as the Christchurch slot car club (brass chassis boys and thingy lids) on a different track. They wanted more room to biuild a new track so asked us to leave. this prompted us to have a name change and are now the Garden City Slot Car Club. We have been homeless for two years now and have been operating on home tracks generously provided by club members all the while looking for a new place to stay. As you might be aware Christchurch has also been hit by a significant earthquake event which has seen a significant number of old cheap building dissapear form our land scape and any left have been grabbed up by all and sundry leaving little to small groups like us. But Great news. we have found a place that will rent us some space. for one night a week for a modest amount that fits our budget. And let us store the track there as well. Because its one night a week we have to assemble and dissassemble the track every time we use it. So the basic plan is to have three 3.0 x 1.8 meter boards that bolt/clip together with plugs that are strong but light. Have a good length and nice racing lines that everyone likes. we have a plan that has been developed with good consultation that we hope will fulfill all our desires in slot racing. more info about the build to follow as well. feel free to ask questions and to add comments. Links to some photos next post
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