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  1. I was looking at my Lancia gazza, and wondered if the forward magnet pocket could be trimmed level with the chassis. The rear one is below/inline with the axle, and @level with the bottom of the gear, so unlikely to ever scrape. The forward pocket has the potential to clip some steep track gradients and deliver a nasty hop/bounce, particularly after the tyres are worn low. Considering that the unnecessary plate has been ditched, and 1/2 the mudflaps too...and the knives and scrapers are still out...? Stack
  2. I gave a few of Phil's test mules a run, after club racing. Lead mule is, I think, Lancia. Put me in for one, when the whips are crackin'....yee-haw.
  3. I think I am ready to attempt a 2.5l classic. #8 please.
  4. haystack


    Last Hurrah, eh...A couple seasons back I let Valentino Rossi run my Scooby Doo...but it went like a frightened dog(quick and erratic). This time I'll try a Sit-rowin' (slower but controllable).
  5. My FLYRACING M1 has landed today, safely. Thanks for looking after it so well; must have been all those 10th place 'Parade' laps it did. I'll send you a CanAm car next, and you can actually 'have a go' with it. Cheers and Thx.
  6. Firstly, a big THANKS to Dave for wrangling all the cats..! Its always enjoyable to run in a proxy, whose participants are engaged and keen. I'm happy enough to have scraped into 10th place, and hope to run a bit better in the upcoming CanAm...
  7. haystack


    I would support that idea; my 2013 Subi suffered badly from just this.
  8. Such a lot of cars suited to this track; maybe a coyote will get amongst the roadrunners.
  9. Typically, the molding temperature of these plastics is @230 C, so you can put 'em in a low oven in hot water and simmer for a while and not hurt them; as long as they're covered with enough water to absorb the heat.
  10. I see you've done plenty already, but those front tyre edges are a little bit sharp still, for my liking. That short guide lead from the front wheels will have it wanting to trip over it's nose a bit as it is. Also, try to get the guide a little deeper(spacer?), you wont regret it.
  11. O.k thanks Mr Burgess; I've been out of the loop for a bit, and appreciate the repairs. Not too bad a result, considering.
  12. Personally, I appreciate critiques, be they blunt or polished. I enter my fair share of proxies around and about, and nothing is less edifying than a 'hey, yore car is great' feedback, when it obviously isn't. Setting up for a proxy at 10v in the States, is a far cry from racing on twisty local tracks, or shiny 2pak Kiwi ones. So, bring it on, I say; no one ever died from an information overload.
  13. M&M; it begs the question of whether my M1, with it's unique chassis, had any quirks that marked it out from the rest. It seems to be reasonably well suited here. As an aside; is there much evidence of the dreaded tyre wear/degradation showing yet? Third way through the proxy, and Burgo has noted that some powerful cars are running on minimal rubber...
  14. Good-oh; back to the old stamping grounds. Looks like my power-plant is in the ballpark as well.
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