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  1. kpphotos

    Power Supply

    Just to revisit this I have bought a DS3800, I have also changed all the lane changes so the run on a separate power supply. Can I use the output from the DS3800 to run the lane changes or is it best to leave them on their own Thanks
  2. kpphotos

    My Track Layout

    Hmmm never thought about it like that, I have all sorts of cars from a Peugeot 908 HDI, NASCAR, Ford, Ferrari, Opal, and my latest a L34 Torana. So no real theme with the cars. Maybe I just go with a NASCAR theme around the pits with a country feel around the back. I'd like to see a few pics of what others have done recently. Cheers
  3. kpphotos

    My Track Layout

    Thanks for all the replies, I was heading towards the top option myself. I'll have a bit more of a play with it and see. Any ideas on a theme I have plans for a pit lane garage and a tower, but I'm not sure on which way to go. Cheers Merry Xmas to all
  4. kpphotos

    My Track Layout

    Thanks for that, I have been messing with another couple options. I'm still going for the tunnels (you can sneek in a lane change that no one knows about. Good for a few laps until they figure it out. and Cheers
  5. kpphotos

    My Track Layout

    track I have a few comments about the layout and thought the main staight along the back wall would be better I still want keep the pit lane on the second level Any comments would be helpful Cheers
  6. No worries, sounds like sound advice I'll get onto sending it off then. Thanks for all the info. Cheers
  7. Well at least I can save on the cable my mate made one already for me, so maybe about $230 with the current exchange rate. Has anyone tried doing this at home, just buying the parts from the US.
  8. Now your going to have to change your user name
  9. Thanks for that, I'll look into it.
  10. Thanks for that. I'll have a search on who is doing the up grades and how much. I have a mate who is a sparkie maybe I'll get the bits and pieces and a couple of beers to sort it out. Cheers
  11. Hi Well got the Dyson on it get to make sure there was nothing shorting the track. No luck, still over loading when I crank it up to 12 volts So I get 8 white bars across the top of the screen at 10 volts. They go out at 11 volts but the base does not initialise no version number comes up (1.2v) After that it overloads, taking it back down to 10 volts all I get is two rows of "D's" across the screen. So if anyone has any ideas that would be great. Cheers
  12. I have an old 6 car controller base (stock), I'm going to vacum the track just in case there is a short somewhere, but the problem I have is an overlaod problem. When I turn it on (to 12v) the base starts beeping, when I lower the voltage down to 10v its stop but I have all "DDDDD" across the screen. Any ideas or is it time to go the mods. Cheers
  13. kpphotos

    How True Is This??

    I bought the Dale Earnhardt #88 Impala and wanted to change the gearing ratio, simple enough. No. I could by the gears but then I would also have to buy an axle also because the gears do not fit the standard axle. Is this right or was the guy at the shop having ago? He said the gears fit a different diameter shaft. What's the point of making the spares different to what you out of the box.
  14. kpphotos

    My Track Layout

    I'm in Burswood. I only have a few cars, from a F1 to a nascar. How about yourself. Cheers
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