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  1. Sorry. Count me out tonight. Having a big day at work
  2. FPV GTP

    W R C Round 10, 2014

    Had a great time again. Looking forward to next year
  3. FPV GTP

    Season 3

    Sorry. Cant host my round 1st. Will be better towards the end of season 3 Thanks
  4. count me in for dinner also
  5. All the best Mel Hope you had a great day
  6. Happy birthday mate. Hope you have a good one
  7. Thanks all Had a great day
  8. Happy birthday mate. Hope your working hard
  9. Sorry mate, just noticed. Hope you had a good one
  10. Hi Phil I will take the Porshe Thanks Mario
  11. Count me in for both Thanks
  12. What a great night for the Saturday nidht ACCC race. Was a top night racing great photos and a top feed. See you all for the next round at Pauls (PR)
  13. Thanks to Phil for organising the event. To all the track hosts & helpers & to all the entrants. Well done to all. Happy with the way my car went. Going to need somthing very special for the same results in next years proxy. Thanks again
  14. I understand you got problems with your mind but dont come to my place there will be no one there. Racing is at Craigs place this weekend.
  15. Count me in also for dinner Thanks
  16. Thanks for running the round John. Congrats to all, Very surprised & happy to have 5 wins in a row. Finaly cought up to Phill's lead, now just need to get in front of him. Looking forward to the next round.
  17. FPV GTP


    Yes. For those who had cars in last year series, they can use last years "control tyres" on the front if they choose That is correct ????
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