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  1. Hi Toast. I went with Dulux Designer Suede at OntheFlipSide's suggestion. Still holding up pretty well. Yeah, I know mine is on plastic, but the outdoor hill climb paint looks great too.
  2. Today the world mourns the passing of another great. Dan Gurney; driver, team owner, innovator and legend has faced his final flag. Dan succumbed to complications from pneumonia at the age of 86.
  3. There is no reason why the popularity of FB has to mean the death of the forum. They meet different needs. FB is the 'wow look at me' and the forum for more in depth discussion and knowledge sharing. But it takes input from all to succeed. (I feel like I've written this same thing on here a few years ago.) The forum is a social media and like any of the others requires YOU to contribute. Content is key to making people want to participate. I stopped using SFI long before I dropped off the radar here. Why? Because every day I'd go through the topics list and it was the same people telling new people that with a digital track the lane changers shouldn't be directly after a corner. Or else someone asking advice about a track layout they had created in UR3. Image posting is always going to be a problem for the forum format. Not everyone can get a handle on it. Not everyone is able to edit their photos. Not everyone is aware that they can change settings in their camera (come on... how many of you guys read manuals?). Not everyone even uses a standalone camera anymore. Even on an official company forum for a high tech device, people don't post pictures because they can't work their way around the size restrictions and they expect to be able to post images straight from their phone like they can on FB. You're not alone in your struggle.
  4. Hi kids. Just dropped by for a quick hello from a 'deserter' Yup. I hit a wall, burned up and then life got in the way. Still trying to get the mojo back. I do try to keep dropping some stuff on the Auslot FB page, but it all tends to look the same after a while. SFI has been a commercial entity for at least 5 or 6 years now. They have always asked for subscriptions which allowed them to provide some storage space for members. However, the space that they currently offer for image hosting is because they are owned lock stock and barrel by a media company. Hosting your own image base takes a hullova load of space and bandwidth. That take a bucket load of cash. SlotsNZ, your images posted from Facebook don't display from here, but that may be due to the pith-poor internet connection that I suffer in the boondocks. For anyone that's interested Hopetoun track is still alive, although they were touch and go there for a while, and they're expanding their track repertoire.
  5. Devis3D Designs (D3D) has recently launched several new slot car products. These items include a new Slot.it compatible S Can (FC-130) Anglewinder motor pod in both endbell and can end drive configurations, as well as a new Slot.it compatible S Can (FC-130) Inline motor pod in can end drive configuration. S-Can anglewinder S-Can inline options Devis 3D Universal Guide In addition to motor pods and guides, we’ve released items to assist in building your very own wood slot car track. These items include a router base, router strip, guide strip, taping tool, and a How-To DVD. More information can be found on the Devis 3D Design website.
  6. Give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll spend his life collecting bloody fishing gear.
  7. .... And that was where he ran out of talent.
  8. Ember

    Happy Birthday Miveson

    Hope you have a great day Mark. Live it up. Race some cars. And have a ball.
  9. "Show me a sane man and I'll cure him" "Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do."
  10. Never really been a Bond fan. Honestly can't say I've managed to watch many of the films all the way to the end. So, don't think I'd be able to name a single femme other than Miss Moneypenny.
  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes lads. Quiet dinner out with friends and family last night after having spent the day in a mental health training session at work. No small car related gifts, but there was a big car related one. Got to go cruisin' in a DB7 which was a bit of fun and something that I could probably get used to.
  12. Red Bull Racing's "Shrunk Down" series continues. First it was Daniel Ricciardo at Montreal. Then they got Mark Webber to explain the Le Mans circuit. Now Daniel is back using Carrera Slot Cars to take us around the Red Bull Ring before the big race this weekend. https://youtu.be/8KWAdBBdeLU Slot cars have not had this much media coverage for a while.
  13. Probably easier by far to go to the craft shop (take your wife for protection if it helps you feel safe) and get some corrugated craft card, A packet of 5 - 10 sheets approximately A4 size might set you back between $2 and $5. Two different sizes available.
  14. So, Jules. You're one in a good position to comment on the situation being both manufacturer and trader as well as consumer of things European. What's your take on it all?
  15. Ember

    Hello, Oz!

    Welcome aboard Stumbley. As Wobble said, pull up a comfy chair and a cuppa and make yourself at home.
  16. On an off topic aside, it is amazing how quickly things fade from public consciousness once they disappear from the news screens. Thursday was the 12 month anniversary since the Nepalese earthquake which caused so much devastation. 12 months on and a Nepali friend says people are still in much the same predicament as they were a month after the event. Sorry. Back to little cars.
  17. So. Was Mark the man you were looking for? If Eno was the one, which was where your clues led me, he has moved to Brisbane. Still alive and well. Still looking at slot cars. Though I've not heard him mention a track for a little while.
  18. Still think it's all a bit strange. I thought Southern Models dropped the V8SC because they were getting too expensive to produce. Obviously that was largely due to the licensing demanded by the teams. But the current models are full detail, which the none of the V8SCs have been. The licensing is obviously less, due to less sponsorship and age, but the model and tooling would be more.
  19. Sorry to hear the sad news. He's no doubt sitting on a comfy chair somewhere with a screwdriver in one hand and a slotty in the other. Condolences to his friends and family.
  20. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the Hopetoun Model Raceway GT Challenge has been cancelled. Paul has decided to keep the track in place for now with the hope of running another event at a future date.
  21. Ember

    Wrp 2017

    I have only one real concern regarding the Scalex cars and that is the knurled axles should any of the wheels be slightly protruding from the car body work. Other than that it's a reasonably priced and readily available option.
  22. I don't think they'd be releasing the chassis without the body. I expect it is a simple case of not having deleted it yet.
  23. Hmm.... I thought I posted a tutorial on how I made my trees, but it must be in my track build thread instead.
  24. Never did get around to finishing the tree around that armature... I must still have it somewhere. Bob, I tend to use a 'cloud' of polyfibre as a base to hold leaf material to keep the tree canopy as open and airy as possible.
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