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  1. Nice work, mopardevil. I love those Challengers, and have been tempted to scratchbuild these but am afraid I'd get halfway through the build and Scalextric would come out with a better version than I could ever hope to achieve... On the subject of Tony Adamowicz, he has a FANTASTIC biography site with lots of recollections and old pictures. http://www.a2zracer.com/ Well worth wading through - he's had a fascinating career, Dodges to Ferraris. Matt
  2. How's the scenery coming Ember? I built "your" track last night and ran it a bit today. It JUST fits in our upstairs room. I could probably border the outer corners if I rotated it 15 degrees. I quite like the track although I find that the inner lane of R1s can sometimes be a bummer. We'll eventually build a table and rout but I've got two more big jobs in the job jar first. I had to borrow some track from a mate (iwanttoslot, he's new here) as I used up most of my stuff. Some of his is musty old Triang stuff that probably predates me, and I was born the year of the moon landing! Anyone know for sure what years Triang made Scaley track in New Zealand? Needless to say, there's enough continuity issues to make running the Challenge car (thanks tvwino!) not quite possible. Matt
  3. I assume it's cracked right under the motor like mine did. I did an article on repair of this - it's posted on SCI: http://www.slotcarillustrated.com/Articles...assis-a297.html Superglue will not work on Scaley chassis other than as a positioning aid - use epoxy. Good luck, Matt
  4. Ember - Did you attach the track to the base in any way to get the elevation changes to blend nicely? If you need to get mdf to bend, maybe lamination is the key? Not being familiar with what the builders yard stocks, if you can find 2.5mm you could lay down one layer at a time until you get 7.5? Was just at builders yard today but was more interested in soffit and fascia at the time...
  5. Ember - What software did you design this in? Any chance of getting the plan file? We just finished our extension, and the far end of the upstairs is 3.5m wide. My (AWESOME) wife painted the back wall British Racing Green with a white racing stripe down one side. She's all for a full-on layout - after we re-wall the south side of the house and lay new floor in the sunroom. Just to make some of the other guys in the thread jealous, on our honeymoon we visited the Peterson Museum in LA and spent two days camping on the infield of Lime Rock Park during the Vintage Festival*. So Ember may not have sisters, but female car lovers (or tolerators) are out there. Ya gotta bring it up early in the courting! Matt *pics on enginemusic.com
  6. There are epic posts on this subject on slotforum and slotcarillustrated, if you've got nothing better to do with the next hour and a half....
  7. I keep meaning to type this up as an article, but it's a back burner project... I ran into this with a new F430 that I was "tuning up" for an enduro two days away. Popped the axle out and cracked the chassis, and I was REAL gentle. First off, I superglued the chassis back together, holding it in place while I hit it with accelerator. The superglue won't hold this permanently (no glue will, the surface area is too small) but it holds the axle hole shut for the next part - my chassis wanted to spring open at the crack. I then cut up some sheet styrene (Evergreen brand, from the hobby shop) in about a half inch square, with hole for axle and clearance for bush. I cleaned the glue area with Isopropyl alcohol (just to be sure) and attached the styrene with five minute epoxy using a small clamp and a small piece of clear acrylic. Any small piece of flat anything will do, but either wax the surface or tuck a piece of wax paper in there 'cause epoxy ain't so fussy about what it sticks to. The repair held up for the enduro and to this day. The LED taillight I knocked off, not so much. Bloody SMD electronics! Superglue is great stuff, but lousy in a slot car environment. It dries very brittle, and the kind of knocks a slot car gets will pop a joint made with it. In addition, it hazes some plastics, especially clear bits! Epoxy is much better as it seems to dry a bit more rubbery, at least the stuff I use (SIG radio control aircraft stuff). Superglue is great for temporarily fixing things, though. And if you've never used superglue accelerator, you're missing out. It's like a light switch for glue. Matt
  8. Yeah but do watch your naked arms as they brush over it! Ouchie. I'm wondering if running a flame across the top edge would melt it enough to soften the pointy bits...
  9. For any Auslotters in New Zealand, Plasti-Dip is available from Homersham's. $25 for 429ml, $185 for 3.7l. Prices are GST exclusive. If you're out of the Christchurch area, dangerous goods transit fees apply (so NO, you will not be bringing it on any airplane!). JohnnyFly and Chilla, what kind of coverage would one expect out of a litre of this stuff? Is rolling really the only way to go? Seems a shame to lose five bucks worth of the stuff to a paint roller! Dangermouse and (I think) JohnnyFly, can you share more info (PM or new thread) on homemade urethane tyres? I have several (okay, maybe 60) cars that need upgrade, and it's not cost-effective to buy MJKs for every one, despite the fact that I'm quite pleased with the MJKs. Matt
  10. What is it about these cars, especially the Jag? Mine is my best car as well. Huge fun to drive, even if it's not that fast. My Ninco 58 Vette is much better now that I've dropped an NC-1 in it. We need to follow this thread up with a Most Fun To Drive thread, though that's probably been done to death already (I'm new here). Matt
  11. Yeah, gonna have to go with Auto Art and Pink Kar here. My AA Countach's hopelessness is only outdone by the Pink Kar Bugatti. How do these people sleep at night having made these non-running monstrosities? The badness of the Countach made me not buy the Miura, and that's my favourite car EVER. I got my Pink Kar GTO running okay with a Ninco wheel transplant, but it needs re-motoring to really be enjoyable. If nobody brings out a Bugatti in the next couple of years (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Scaley), I'll either rebuild the Pink Kar or build up my Airfix kit around a homemade brass chassis. Other dishonourable mentions: Revell Cortina Carrera Pontiac GTO, Camaro, 550LM... And a special talking brown-eye to the (hopefully former) Scalextric employee who signed off on the MotoGP bikes. BOOOO!!! Matt
  12. Hello, Matt from Chch NZ; been a regular lurker on slotforum and SCI but wanted to check out some local flavour. Save the sheep jokes, I'm a transplanted Yank!
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