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  1. Thanks for the advice fellas. So far so good with the WD40. No visible sign of plastic deformation and the decals too are remaining intact. It even makes the plastic look like new.
  2. Hi guys, I have cars in drawers, up on display shelves and on track as decorations and although I live in Queensland when I was living in Melbourne for a spell I also had the dreaded white mould happening down there as well. I wash is off with warm soapy water but it still returns and even spreads to other cars sometimes positioned adjacent to effected cars and sometimes 2 or 3 cars away. I thought someone told me they use WD40 or something similar but can't be 100% sure and I am unsure if the WD40 will damage the plastic let alone cause dome decals to come away.
  3. Just looking for some advice as to the best way on removing the white mould or scale that some of my older cars are suffering from and how to keep it from coming back? I have washed it off and scrubbed it with a soft brush which is effective for a short term but it always ends up coming back.
  4. Perro

    Rebirth Of Mt Perrorama

    Just a quick night shot with half the street lighting fitted. [/url]
  5. Perro

    The Lost Tracks...

    Hey thanks for that slotbaker. Much appreciated mate.
  6. Perro

    The Lost Tracks...

    Kim I can't find the 2BR or 2 Brothers Racing on FaceBook for the life of me. Any links or full page names would be appreciated thanks mate.
  7. Perro

    Travelling South

    Hi GSV, where are you on the Sunshine Coast. Caloundra here. Cheers, Glen
  8. That's been shared now with all those soothsayers that don't really get me and my slot cars. Many thanks Brooksy.
  9. Paul Stevens did mine on CAD for me.
  10. Good point there pm. We ensure the controllers can't be pushed into a 240v outlet either by using the low voltage round earth pin plugs. Other groups use female connectors which is equally effective in preventing the controllers being inserted into typical 240v outlets. It's especially prudent if you have kids in the house that could pick up a controller and push it into an outlet. Jaycar has the bits I am talking about. Cheers, Glen
  11. Happy birthday to you Kev. These toy cars keep you looking as young as ever mate.
  12. Perro


    I do the best I can and most times it's perfect. If I stuff up just don't abuse me because THEN I'll show you a masterful display in crap marshalling EVERY TIME I have to marshal your car again.
  13. Yes we are having a race meet this Saturday. If you are keen let me know.
  14. Where are you living these days SeducedXR?
  15. I know precisely what you mean so now I just have the kids look after my cars when I leave them in the family car at work along with minding the dogs.
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