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  1. So UK went metric 48 years ago, but I'm still calculating the R6 turn as eight feet! Q2 2019 came and went has anyone seen any product?
  2. I had a prototype version, but all changed after slot.it got involved in the development, so it should be compatible somehow. I have one I'm playing with to do a high power mod. Watch this space!
  3. RikoRocket

    Pit Pro

    Hi all, just send me a message if you want one converted. I keep all the parts! Cheers Riko
  4. Not recommended, this chip set loses packets at the data speeds we run at, we ended up with the much more expensive FTDI chipset which works perfectly. I have a large box of the PL USB converters - free to anyone who wants to pay postage. If you want to build your own then there is a board direct from FTDI - http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/Cables/USBRS485.htm If you lose a packet then you lose control momentarily, not good if you are about to brake for a corner...
  5. In digital the lanes are linked together by a relay, so you shouldn't find one lane better than the other. But I think shadow_rusty is right, probably MOSFET failure note the normally fail in twos so check carefully
  6. It was only released in the UK, and it was rubbish. The lap counting was worked on the cars going over small dead strips. However if the car braids left contact from the track for the slightest time it would register that as a lap. Fundamentally a poor idea. I wouldn't hold your breath for the RCS system, marketing may well want it out in 2014 but they have seriously misjudged the timescales to get a new electronic unit out. Not that they have ever encountered this before... duh!
  7. I would go for an 18 Watt or a 25 Watt. 30 Watt or above is overkill.
  8. Only when you brake SP is special, and it is controllable with the system. In fact Ian enabled another spare output so that in principle you could have a police car with separately switchable lights, flashing blue lights and siren, all independent.
  9. Nearly fell off my chair when I read half a minute! You can destroy a lot of devices if you allow lots of heat to conduct through, plus insulation on a lot of wire types wont take that amount of heat. Get your soldering iron hot, really hot. clean the end/flat/tip I use a ball of copper wire to rub against it, seems bettr than the sponge, but also a quick wipe of the tip on a roll of kitchen paper can make it shine, and you do want it to shine. Now apply a small amount of solder and ensure it wets the active part iof the tip/flat/end. Now tin the end of the piece of wire by putting the soldering tip to the wire at the same time as a piece of solder. That should take a second (max). Do the second piece of wire the same. Re-wet the soldering iron tip with a tiny bit of solder. Hold both wires together and then touch the joint with the soldering iron, the fresh solder should instantly melt and form a sound joint.
  10. Yep, just ripped a track off a chip trying to repair it. Easily done...
  11. RikoRocket


    PB6 or C7030 = old six car powerbase PB4 or 4PB a disgraceful dumbing down of the scalextric digital system to suit children under 5 PB-Pro a fantastic upgrade to the PB6 by enthusiasts to make it "like it should have been" Pit-Pro another enthusiast upgrade to allow pit lane in and out detection for RMS progtrams
  12. That was just ordinary black paint, the red was felt tip pen to illustrate the problem that I had found. This was the solution that stopped the electrical spikes that stopped the chips changing to analogue mode and running away at full speed. Scalextric picked up on this mod and you will see the latest XLCs have the rails chopped away at the points that I insulated.
  13. When we looked at ways with the old 6PB to increase power we reached the limitation at 3.5A, and the 4PB uses the same drive MOSFETs, so no you won't get any more out of it. Also even at normal use the MOSFETs are likely to fail, they don't have a dedicated drive chip like the APB so their losses are high, internal heating is high, failure is high.
  14. Sounds to me like one of the power stage MOSFETs is starting to fail. I would just get it changed, normally they drive 4 cars without problem. Even when working properly they are pretty rubbish.
  15. Thats a good tip, it holds true for the curved analogue lane swaps as well and also for the early XLC changers that had the rails too close.
  16. Welcome Ade! Is your first name Lucas?
  17. Yes the guide is "difficult". Yes Scalextric should have gone with a proper colour dot matrix screen as we wanted. So it can be quite a beast to get around. Luckily one of the early adopters Mr Flippant put together a series of videos that take you through everything you need to know: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49996
  18. Jumpers is the best solution, dodgy connections can be a nightmare to solve. At the world record scalextric speed trial a few years back the scalextric rep had a home made tool for tweaking all the joints - a bit like a wide flat screwdriver that he twisted at each end of the track. He still had about 10 jumpers as well.
  19. RikoRocket

    Pace Car

    Theoretically yes, but SSDC would need a lot of re-writing to use it. Andy is a bit too tied up with work at the moment to be able to do that though. :(
  20. If you want an electronic way then try this: Take out the joining button pieces at one joint of track for the right rail of both slots. Do the same say two straights away. Make sure the rails dont touch. Now join the rails at one end with a resistor of value something in the order of 24 Ohms. Mess around until you have the cars still driveable but top speed much lower. Now bridge the full voltage rails either side of the dumbed down section.
  21. Update to 1.09 and it does exactly that Rick. You can then use any guides - black ones are no longer mandatory as it no longer uses the blade sensor at all in digital mode (it does in analogue mode) It will cure your problem Matt.
  22. I would always recommend SSD Console by Andy Wallace. Why? Because Andy was part of the team working with Scalextric to get the system working ahead of the release of the C7042. So his software really exploits all of the features and capabilities of the system. PCLapCounter is also pretty good, and maybe less focussed on features but more focussed on club racing.
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