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  1. I used very long extension cords to my controllers so that my track could be driven from anywhere around the track. I was going to add DPDT switches for direction reversing as well. Your track should flow beautifully when routed using flexible strip method, well done !
  2. Hey Phil, yes, coming out of hiding and rejoining the world a bit. Are we moved in ? The short answer is yes, however, such absolutes dont exist in our world right now. More like, "we are moving in". I imagine if I post on here a year from now, I will still be "moving in". We have been in the new house since the 14th. Furniture and belongings arriving slowly. Organzing happening even more slowly. The new home has a finished lower level with a large hobby shop room, wine and brewing room and a very large recreation room. The sellers left us a pool table, so, I will diversify a bit when the new track begins to happen and confine the track to about half of that room. The room is 1100 square feet, so, I think I can do that and make it work. The footprint will be a little smaller, and a different shape than the Pretzel was, but, I can still have a pretty great track in that space. Ember has signed up to do the scenery, which means, it might actually get done this time. Now I at least have some inspiration, I have to build a track before Eno does ! ciao, j
  3. Eno, having built a track and raced on it for years, I have to say. DO IT !!! I recommend a layout full size on heavy paper or paperboard. You obviously like the scheming, just do your scheming with some pencils in hand on cardboard layed down on your floor in the race space if you can do so. I would use a flexible strip to lay out your lanes. I used basically the Luf method, flexible strip and it produces a attractive flowing design that drives great. A drill, a router, a jig saw. Surely you have those tools. MDF is relatively cheap and mistakes can be filled with body filler and rerouted in mere minutes. My track was built modular, in five seperate sections, about 85 foot running length. I would NEVER build in sections again ! My joints were pretty good, but nothing is smoother than no joint at all. building in sections probably doubled the cost and the work of constructin my track. I used tape, it works, it's reasonably quick and inexpensive. Power tapping to it is a bit of a pain. I would only use braid for a future track. Why ? because with tape, your always worrying about damage to it. In three years of home racing, I had made several repairs. Not hard to do, but, better to never worry about it. If you ever intend to put a 1/24th car on the track, go braid. Thanks to a home fire and the ensuing flood brought to me by the fire department, my track is now pushing up daisy's in the local landfill. That puts me back at the "Eno stage" of track building for the time being. Hey, nothing says I cant keep buying slot cars in the mean time though !!! Actually, I intend to build a portable track. Something I wanted to do even with my big track up and running. My plan is three pieces, the track can be run as a tiny 4 by 8 foot, (think trade show booth duty), or, that piece can part in the middle for another 4 by 8 foot piece to be inserted for a total layout size of 4 by 16 foot. This way I can haul it in my car easily should I need to. My old track was pretty expansive, this will be a good lesson in getting a technical track design. Some day, some day.... j. www.pretzelcityspeedway.com
  4. Great work Ember, as we knew it would be. I hope you have a opportunity to grow this, good for the school, good for the charity, probably good to keep you from getting in to too much trouble as well..... j
  5. I think your going to need that whiskey just prior to the event. Even with all the generous donations, your going to have to sit out of earshot of the cars crashing if your going to be able to get through this. Surely someone has scaley controllers somewhere. I have some carerra ones I think. I used to say they were crap, then I realized, crap actually is a great source of stabilized nitrogen. so, I stopped giving undue credit to those controllers. I would send you a car, but, the last one I sent you, you stole the motor out of !!! this is a great thing you are doing, I hope to do a two piece portable track to do the same thing with some day. Add it to the list....... Post some pics of the event, I am sure it's going to be a hit !!! Will there be some scenery magic by Ember on this track ? j
  6. Ahh, now, didnt last years car do something like that, laying down a smoke screen. Or, maybe there were SED's in there. (Smoke Emitting Diodes) Good luck, Mark says you can have pick of the litter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A very good finish for Ember in round 1 I see. I guess the extra weight of the fire extinguisher her car is carrying really kept it planted to the track.
  8. I think Trackmate has what you want. http://trackmateracing.com/shop/ With any system, in this case IR, you will have to imbed the sensors in the track, mount light bar overhead and, the usual fidgeting getting the software loaded and running. The fact that I have done it with the trackmate hardware should be proof that it is pretty foolproof. I did not use their light bar, been using a small incandescent strip light for temporary set up. I will mount IR LED's in a overhead eventually. You can likely find something a little closer to home that does the same thing. j
  9. Johnnyfly41

    Wow !!!!

    I have an Avatar, I have an Avatar !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Ember, as soon as I find a picture of me in a dunce hat, maybe I will update it to that. Yes, I know, he is a bit young to be operating power tools, but, check out the proper use of safety equipment, cant be too careful you know. j.
  10. I personally wont buy from a seller that jacks the postage and "handling" fees. Vote with my dollar is my policy. Likewise, I wont buy a car when the seller has spammed the listing, by saying "Scalextrics, Ninco, Slot It, MRRC......" I know, some will argue that you have to do that for the noob that maybe doesnt know that anyone besides scaley makes slot cars. I dont buy it and that practice totally kills the searching by brand functionality, so, again, I just vote with my dollars and ignore those listings, even if they are a good deal. USPS from the states is not so bad, I think it's the trip to the post office that most sellers dont want to bother with when shipping overseas. Really, when people sell a cracker for thousands of dollars, because it is shaped like Nelson Mandela's head or something, can any slot car really be overpriced ????
  11. Just think though how many more opportunities this made for young drivers looking for a ride....... Actually, this past week, the last of the Indy car ride along mechanics just passed away. I would say he definitely outlived the majority of his peers by a long shot.
  12. ahh yes, I did my best to rid the world of 1664, but,don't think I made a dent in the supply. Excellent beer and always on tap in Paris. Here on the coast I must suffer with the bottled variety. I would be homebrewing even more if I lived here just due to cost alone. more cars on the doorstep, no problem, there is someone there everyday. Maybe we should think about a shipment before e we need a cargo container for them all. ? oh went up the coast again. My wife drove back, guess she was getting a bit I'll from the twisters. Fun drive, wish I could have borrowed the Ferrari sitting out front. sorry for the hijack of the thread guys. Darn French, they cannot be trusted. j
  13. I don't think cheap and France can be used in the same sentence. A croissant and coffee in Paris, oh, probably 11e' at least at any place I could find. we are on the coast,west of Cannes at the moment. Spent yesterday in Antibes and Monte Carlo seeing how the poor people are forced to live. driving is great fun along the coast,well,fun for me anyway.... France has been great, sure it lacks the history, culture,art and the fine food of the central USA, but, god love them, they are trying just the same. no slot car purchases, because I would have no way to blame Miveson for them. Carolyn bought a vintage f1 car and a Ferrari race hauler model at a shop at the casino in Monte Carlo, she is buying models and I am not for a change ! I prefer to remain ignorant of what this is costing. However, the Ferrari and Bentley coupe parked just outside our lobby is making me nervous ! now I know how Carolyn feels when all of those Miveson boxes arrive at home. off to drive the hills for one last afternoon before returning to the land of corn ! j
  14. "they only deal with cars that look alike and go in circles" OUCH ! Someone get Ember her morning coffee and calm her down a bit. I would give a etailor some degree of a break if they seemed at all inclined to make good on the error. Sounds like this one was quite happy to sell you the wrong parts again. Here in the states, we mostly have to shop on line. Retailers are few and far between. I would gladly pay a premium to go into a store and pay a premium for the pleasure of purchasing a part that I can hold in my hand. I am green (British racing green) with envy when I read posts about "going to the slot shop...." last time I did that I was 9 years old, and it was 1970....... race cars turning to the right, like they can actually do that......... j.
  15. routed track is pretty easy to do. I got my start by pouring over everything on www.oldslotracer.com sorry for the typos, coming at you while on holiday and trying to use a touchpad computer. It keeps correcting my use of words, not always the best. Ford gt and ford gt 40, not ft. guys are right. The slot it cars are great. But on a tight scaley layout running with magnets, you may not realize their true potential. if you are interested in trying different tracks seek some out and go race on them. That is a great opportunity to learn what you like.. I live in the rural Midwest USA not much opportunity to do that, so, I just went ahead and routed a track from what I could learn on oldslotracer and the forums. after market controllers, power supplies,then, finally a routed track was the answer for me. Your results may vary. its all fun no matter what your interest or level of involvement. phew, I need a real keyboard ! cheers, j
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