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  1. Hi Ozquad, Here are the distibutors in Australia - Once you're at the site, click on your state on the left: Plasti-Dip Distributors Everything you said above is normal, although you can buy larger quantities in cans from certain stockists. I coated my whole 12metre, 2-lane track with just less than 3 x 429ml cans. Thanks. Tim.
  2. These Carrera sets are on special at Armchair: Armchair Racer Specials
  3. Here's a kit from The States: www.slotcarcorner.com Or Do some research of your own, through google etc, and you can buy all of the components locally.
  4. Hi Guys, I painted my track today, and wanted everyone to have a look! Tim's Slot Car Track UPDATED The Plasti-dip seems great. Very happy indeed. Stuffed a few spots, but Lakeside isn't the most perfect track around Thanks. Tim.
  5. Mark Froble

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    Just so you guys know, there are still some D-3800's left. I know of 3 in Brisbane stores @ $199.00. (That's as of last week though.....could be gooorrnnnee by now) Tim.
  6. Hi John, Thanks to your previous posts and recommendations, I ordered some "Plasti-Dip" about an hour ago. I'm picking it up soon. I've ordered a few of the 429ml cans in black and white to mix up a grey. I got the cans for AU$35 each. My track is only 2 lanes, and is only 12metres length.....at this stage I've only ordered 3 black and 1 white can. I can always get more later.....it would be great if i could get coverage out of that amount though....that's 1.7litres. I think i'll just do a single coat. I might buy a red and a yellow spray can of Plasti-Dip later on to paint the ripple-strips in... Regarding when to lay the tape, this is what I think I should do.... 1. Paint the slot and tape area with a clear urethane type sealant. 2. Lay the copper tape. 3. Cover the copper with masking tape. 4. Paint the track, lifting the tape whilst the paint is still wet. You reckon that's the go?????? Thanks. Tim.
  7. I've finished the routing!! RELIEF!!! Added a couple of pics to the site - Tim's Slot Car Track Thanks. Tim.
  8. It's gonna live in the lounge room (which we never use). I guess it's 2 lanes so I can make the track narrower to help it look closer to the real thing... Never done landscaping before Hope I can do it!!! The real Lakeside is only a 15 minute drive away from home which will help with landscaping ideas. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  9. It's one of the strips Gazza recommended....Routing Strip Not sure what it's used for, but think it's called a "Stop Bead" or Moulding. It works really well. Read that thread for more info, including a close-up photo. Thanks.
  10. Hi Guys, Thought i'd show you some progress pics of my routed track I'm building.... It's my first one, so it won't be fantastic, but it's been fun building so far. Here's the link: Tim's Slot Car Track Thanks. Tim.
  11. I picked up a piece of that strip Gazza mentioned. Phoned around all Bunnings in South-East Queensland with no luck (order item only - min of 25). I picked one up at my local little hardware! Couldn't believe he had one! 4 bucks it cost me! Try your local hardware if Bunnings is no go. Mark.
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